Legacy Edition not available (PS4)

I just purchased Hitman 2, I own the physical edition of Hitman 1. However, when I click on the prompt to redeem the free legacy edition in H1 it says that the item is no longer available.

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Do you have all Hitman 2016 content installed? Including the Bonus Episode (The Icon, Landslide & A House Built On Sand)?

Follow these steps

On PS4 Disc (both Complete First Season and Definitive Edition):

  • Ensure you have all of the content from the disc installed onto your console and downloaded the latest game update for HITMAN, released on November 8th 2018.
  • Launch HITMAN and follow the prompts in the HITMAN in-game store to redeem and download your Legacy Pack.
  • When the Legacy Pack has installed, it will be playable within HITMAN 2 only.


Also note that your PSN account must be from the same region as the Hitman 2016 disc.
Example, if your PSN account is in UK and you bought the Hitman 2016 disc from US then redeeming the Legacy Pack for free won’t work.
Like this person here


Lol wow I’ve been seeing this alot… Shame I had posted a thread detailing it and to HMU (if on xbox) for assist. Believe that thread was considered spam or moved into some other thread for w/e reason. Friends who ps4 tho told me their issue involved an external storage used tho.

It wasn’t. Your Legacy Pack thread is still there.