Legacy map exits - do I have to get the mask?


I read about exits in Colorado changing but am confused. I just watched a speed-run of the level, good one, where the player didn’t take 47 near the house at all. The south perimeter exit opened and job done. I played on Professional in Hitman 2 over the weekend to improve my score and found if I killed the targets I got a task to investigate the storm shelter (or whatever it says). I didn’t think the exits were open at that point. Is that optional and I didn’t realise? I feel I must be missing something. I couldn’t read the text of the speed run as it was pictograms.


It seems to me like once you’ve done the storm-shelter exit once, the other exits get unlocked

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Thanks. That’s the thing, I already had done it. Unless I did all the challenges before the relevant patch and then just needed to do it once more, maybe that? I don’t have time to investigate right now, I’ll have a look later.


Have you done it since the relevant patch? Because I’d already done it before and had to do it once more to unlock the exits


Yes, you have to do it the old fashioned way one more time since the last patch, in order for it to work.