Legacy Pack Discussion (Map Changes, Visual Comparisons, FAQ) - HiTMAN 2 (2018)



Praise Travis, the FAQ has arrived. It contains all the info we need wrapped up in one package, the only loose end here is why that Nov. 8th update hasn’t arrived yet.

The question now is, will these changes manage to improve and iterate on the success of the original maps or simply add some QOL improvements and that’s it? I expect, and hope, that even the small changes will transform 2016 into a whole 'nother beast both visually and gameplay wise.

Foliage to improve Colorado. Camera fixes for Bangkok. Less overly saturated environments but still keeping the signature style. The possibilities are endless.

HITMAN 2 | All about new Mechanics and Changes compared to S1
Grinding unlocks from Season 1

So we will be able to download the legacy pack in 1h and 30 min more or less.


Guess not lol.

Btw guys use this thread when you notice a minor difference in the map that makes a major impact. I’ll be looking for stuff like blindspots and the like when I get my hands on H2.


Yeah looks like is taking more time.



Can I play HITMAN 2 while downloading Legacy Pack?


Sure. Why wouldn’t you? :slight_smile:
You won’t be able to access the first season, of course.




Appears there are new guards in the map, taken from Pro Mode from 2016. Like a lady at the Sanguine bar and a guard in the security room near where Franny takes her call.


also one watching the camera box in Sapienza lab


Nowthat we have our Legacy Pack, why just can’t you guys manage to let us have our progress of H1 episodes in H2?


i got that briefcase to and i dont own the lagacy pack. (because i bought hitman 2016 goty on the ps4 and hitman 2 on steam)


Not happening, especially since there’s trophies all again


Everything is working for me. on PS4,

If anyone is having problems. What I did after I got home from getting the collectors,

I installed the game, redeem the Collectors DLC, and Expansion DLC,

Then I put Hitman 1 in and went to the store and saw the GOTY legacy pack, Downloaded that,

it then installed. Then I put hitman 2 back in and it then allowed me to start playing Hitman 1 on hitman 2 with the new features.

Some changes to Paris , I noticed on regular not pro , that there are no cameras, infact in the basement in the security room, the computer you usually shoot or disable is gone.

Also, they can see you in the mirror, but noticed if you crouch you can catch them by suprise before they see you to subdue.

Also, I noticed no esclating missions for Paris in season 2, just the mission. I don’t even see the Sarajevo six info either.


No Holiday Hoarders?


No, I’m at the main screen now of the showstopper, no holiday hoarders.

However they added a harder level.

Casual, Professoional, Master. The gold pin is now moved to Master



I’m not sure how many of you have the collectors and got the aluminum briefcase, I noticed where you smuggle an item in example the large stairwell instead of a large case that usually holds a rife, it was just the case.

Also I noticed, level 2 go past the room with the glass vase , the room before you can climb up to the attic, that room by the main desk in taht room, I saw a second blackbrief case.

so if you forgot to smuggle a briefcase in, they have a briefcase planted in the game


No Holiday Hoarders??

That’s too bad. They showed footage of it in the first Legacy Pack trailer!
(Maybe it’ll get patched in later. Possibly during Christmas time this year.)


The other thing I noticed, is if I want to play the multiplayer edition.

I have to sign up for PS Plus.


Is it possible to install the Legacy Pack before installing HITMAN 2?


Yep, I’m doing it right now.