Legacy Pack Discussion (Map Changes, Visual Comparisons, FAQ) - HiTMAN 2 (2018)


47’s voice sounds squeaky too.


I got into Hitman Season 1 only a few weeks before 2 came out. I don’t remember her voice being like that at all. She always had a consistent heavy thick accent. She didn’t sound squeaky at all. Unless you’re saying the FREE versions only had that update?


It is in the full version of season one, too.


That’s sooooo oddd …

Hm, nevermind I guess. My bad then. Never remembered her sounding like that. :sweat:

Does it stop after the training missionss?


Yeah it’s only in the training missions. No other part of the game uses it.


And the crashing is still here, ladies and gentleman! The beautiful game crashes!

I’m glad they left no game feature or mechanic removed for the legacy pack :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just finished all challenges in Legacy pack, there’s amount of EXP you can get. Some challenges were harder than in original HITMAN - for example challenge with Sister Yulduz and FEs, I had to find other way to put her body on the roof because as we all know FEs can only KO now. I also had some other little problems (Tuppence a Wish is still terrible) but overall all challenges were pretty doable and it was really interesting experience checking how much I learned these maps. Now I’m starting with Columbia :sunglasses:



I need to step my game up. Save scumming for SA. :frowning: (wasn’t my intention, just turned out that way)


Did they? Do you have a screenshot comparison? These are the kinds of changes which affect atmosphere


they’re gone, most likely a bug


You can weakly see it here.


Got Slam Dunk today and the Tuppence one yesterday. The rest should be a breeze from now on :slight_smile: or at least a FUN challenge.


I noticed 2 variations of the Cicada bodyguard disguise in Paris… unbuttoned and buttoned jacket. Afaik it was always unbuttoned in 2016.


That was always there in 2016.


If may ask, can you show how did you do the Sister Yudez challenge it’s always difficult for me to get that challenge. Thanks!


I started mission with Napoleon and two duckies. I saved right before she went to the place with all FEs. Then I tested where I should blow her up to get a challenge. After few tries it turned out that best way is drop coin just after she enter room. Then when she bend down I set all explosives side by side and detonated them.
If anyone have any other problems with challenges write, I will gladly help.


I knocked out everyone on the top floor after killing Nabazov by tampering with the fire retardant. I then knocked out the axe faced harridan sister Yulduz. I put two coins where Nabazov set himself on fire, draggedf Yulduz on top of it. I put all the fire extinguishers that I could inf on that floor around her. I then put down the remote Demo Block positioning it in such a way that Yulduz is between the explosives and the fountain. Took a couple of tries to get it exactly right, but that set-up does help. It worked for me in the end.


After playing it some more, I think that Bangkok may just be underrated as a map. Granted I haven’t really interacted with the community enough to know for sure, but it seems to often get mentioned as one of the weaker levels in both Hitman 2016 and the Reboot series as a whole.

While Jordan Cross cross could have used a bit more fleshing out and Morgan is a boring target, I think that the level is really solid. The mission stories are pretty fun and most of all, I think it’s a really relaxed level in comparison to the very complex multi-faceted levels in the game, or the more linear and stressful ones. Very cozy environment with some great sniping positions.

And I loved being treated like dirt only to drown the lawyer in the toilet :smile:


No, it’s pretty mediocre. Very limiting and restrictive level desing. Ken Morgan sucks. A lot of rooms are empty and useless. It’s smaller than other maps but not as densely filled with content



Welp, sorry then