Legacy Pack Discussion (Map Changes, Visual Comparisons, FAQ) - HiTMAN 2 (2018)


I, on the other hand, think Colorado is underrated. Obviously, a lot of missed potential there but the map is still pretty good. There are many approaches to each area and you almost never find yourself in a dead end.


Now that we’re on the topic of Colorado: is there a way to make Ezra turn on his Bunsen burner? I always had to shoot the red canister myself.


Yes, you need to overdose the prisoner. When Ezra returns from him, he starts to check what’s wrong with the formula and turns on the burner. BAM! No more Ezra!


For that to happen I think you need to overdose the hostage in the basement first. Which will cause Ezra to go the garage and check his doses


I’m very appreciative that they re-worked the mastery making Professional (Master Mode) items now part of the normal mastery. The new Classic Challenge’s give a reason to play all levels without the grind.


I still think the original level was a recording studio with just Jordan Cross. It seems all the detail in the level was devoted to Jordan’s lifestyle and his band.


Yeah it annoyed me so much how useless the rooms were. It’s a hotel, and there was way fewer rooms than ToTT. Could have put more stuff in it.


More rooms would make them even more useless.


I mean more as in, the less rooms they have, the easier it is to fill them.


bangkok is one of the funnest maps for silent assassin suit only fiber wire only
yes and even marrkesh is dope… seriously not bad maps just different flavors…
although house built on sand tops reg marrakesh for me.


I’m trying what may or may not be my first time through a level on Master difficulty. I thought I did on once before in Hitman 2016 (non legacy), but I can’t remember for sure, and I probably didn’t. Anyways, it’s kind of hard because I’m doing it on Hokkaido from the starting position of the Ninja. It makes it easier to get to the heart transplant but there’s so much security … :sweat_smile: I’d like to get good enough to play consistently on Mastery, I have quite a long way to go.


It’s the worst one in the game cause there is just one route to Cross. Marrakesh is just as bad.


technically there’s 3 “routes” to cross
across main roof
through lower hotel rooms
and/or up the pipes

cross can be fiber wired near the recording booth
or upstairs.

he even can even be reached and fiber wired suit only with the cake topper grabbed when no ones looking in the kitchen

get creative bro


Nope. It’s either stairs or pipe to Cross but stairs is unreasonable and almost impossible.

And what about Ken Morgan?


Morgan is piss easy, just poison the 3rd dish from the left that he always eats from while the chef isn’t looking.


ken morgan actually blows haha he’s what i don’t like about bangkok.


When going Suit Only, all of those routes always lead to the same thing: using the balcony pipes to get to the side of the recording studio by the bathroom. That’s 1 of only 2 ways to the recording suite proper, and the stairs is not a feasible option in SO runs as it’s always populated even if you cause a panic beforehand

Yeah but it’s hard and tricky to do it. Especially on master difficulty, cause the 2 band members by the recording booth entrance are always a pain to deal with.


We are talking about fiber wire only run, aren’t we?


You can lure them into the bathroom and knock them out. And now there is a bug that makes two of them go for the same distraction so you can throw further in the big room and knock them out easily.


Whoops my bad, I completely missed that part of the post.

Anyways, my tricky way would be garroting him in the linen room, cause sneaking through the basement is easier than the rest of the hotel.

Subdue the band member with the note in the bathroom, after panicking the others with a bullet distraction. Then I’d hand it over to reception and garrote Ken once he goes to the basement. Tricky but it gets the job done.

Yeah but I always find it annoying to do, I swear whenever I get close to the recording booth Jordan is already on his way there. If I had to KO the 2 band members I’d have to wait a long ass time till Jordan’s cycle gets him there again.

I never had that glitch happen to me. I’m unlucky I guess.