Legacy Pack Discussion (Map Changes, Visual Comparisons, FAQ) - HiTMAN 2 (2018)


In Hitman 2 it always happend to me. Every single time


Can’t you just snipe cross when he goes up to the highest floor? That’s what I like to do. I thought you could do that for SA. I don’t remember if Cross’s body has ever been found when I’ve sniped him from across the highest floors, forgive my bad memory xD


Fiber wire only is what we’re talking about here.


This is what I was talking about:

Couldn’t you just use the stairs near your apartment for an SO run with a sniper?


That was a reply to this post

Maybe you can but I’m not sure.


Oh ok, apologies then :frowning:


It’s okay.

I think Sniper SA is possible only if you’re quick enough cause Dexy may be able to discover Corss’es body.


I use the cake topper to get Cross to come downstairs and isolate himself. Easiest way to SOSA with fiber wire imo. Works on master difficulty too.


Haha today I just realized that the couple hours I’ve spent in Hokkaido to get the Sieger sniper are worthless. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing map, but it probably took up 16 of my 32 hours in Hitman 1 because I loved it so much, and I played Hitman 1 for the first time just a few weeks before Hitman 2, so I’m a tad burned out on that map in particular.

I knew that the sniper unlocked in both the end of Isle of Sgail and Hokkaido, but I DIDN’T know that the snipers were the same. Because apparently they’re named differently but are the same.

" * Sieger 300 Tactical (Sniper Rifle) (Marksman, Suppressed, 3X Scope) – Unlocks at Level 10"
" * Sieger 300 Advanced – (Sniper Rifle) (Suppressed, Marksman, 3X Scope) – Unlocked at Level 20"

??? no difference

And I forgot you unlock it fro Colorado too. So the only difference is skins.

Ah well, at least I didn’t waste my time by actually putting a couple more hours into mastering Hokkaido. I’m going to just get to Mastery level 10 of Sgail then. Don’t get me wrong I love Hokkaido but it’s too recent in memory.


Which sniper plays Ave Maria?


Sieger Advanced, currently bugged however :frowning:


Was the bug confirmed and that it wasn’t intentional?


seeing as the song plays on/off for me at random, yes, i would label it a bug


Not confirmed yet but I’m sure it wasnt intentional since theres no clear reason for its removal


You guys think the december patch will fix some of the lighting?


Chances are good I think. After all the artsy people need something to do as well.


Given they already fixed it three times, I’m sure they can fit in a fourth and make it even worse. A sky with the signature Mark II look, anyone?


I know it has been mentioned, but the Bangkok speedboat exit change has now made Club 27 my least favorite map


What do you mean exactly? On normal (professional) mode, that exit seems unchanged?


True but on master I think the boat requires a key. To which I just recommend using the basement exit it should not be hard to sneak through