Legacy Pack Discussion (Map Changes, Visual Comparisons, FAQ) - HiTMAN 2 (2018)


No challenge pack included?
The art of revenge,scarecrow,etc.
Love these challenges,what a pity


That’s probably because you chose The Showstopper mission instead of just Paris location.


Hokkaido looks pretty pale and dull (+ too much bloom) compared to season 1… Maybe they changed lighting from white to yellow… I still haven’t downloaded all of the episodes but it feels like some items/challenges are missing.


From the Main Screen, Campaign tab once you hit it,

I see

The showstopper, world of tomorrow , guilded cage , club 47, Freedom Fighters, Situs Inversus

The minute I choose one, in this case the showstopper the Breifing screen comes up to plan and play.

They don’t list them by the City like in HITMAN 1.


Because you chose Campaign which is the Season One and Two and not Locations which is, obviously, locations themselves.


Oh I see what your saying.

I now see

2 esclations the corky commotion and videl catalysm

not sure why just those 2. I don’t see holiday hoarders either


Can we get pics? I’m currently watching CJ’s stream and he’s only on Colorado.

Colorado looks really good. Instead of a garish pink and orange it’s a way more fittingly oppressive orange and grey.


Tho they should probably make bloom adjustable lol.


2016 much better here. Too much orange. It’s like they can’t change anything gradually and only do the extremes.


Less too white and more not white enough. I’ll have to get used to that.


Oh wait I thought you said it was “too white” before I reread it my bad.


This is obvious to anyone who’s started up S1 Legacy, but for the uninitiated:

IO have finally fixed the opening cinematic of Season 1.

Before, it used to say “20 years earlier”, which makes absolutely no sense as an opening line considering we have no idea when we’re coming from.
Now, it accurately displays “ICA Training Facility, 1999”.


they should have the paris intro say “Sanguine Fall Fashion Show, 2019” because people still think it’s a prequel.


Wow, they don’t display anything to convey the time jump to “present day”?

One step forward, one step back, IO.


I mean they do have that montage of all the old games but that’s not enough for most people to figure it out.


Then I hope this won’t happen again when H3 is released.


At least H2 and Sniper Assassin are from the same publisher(WB) right? Why can’t I even have the progress of that?


I assume different servers.


Why are there guards who are suspicious of 47 in public places??

There’s an added guard at the Sanguine bar in Paris who patrols the inside and outside of the main doorway. He’s a public enforcer.

EDIT: Wait, wait wait… This is probably because of the new crowd blending feature. They had to give you obstacles somehow, I guess…


Where are the winter suit, absolution and blood money suit?