Legacy Pack Discussion (Map Changes, Visual Comparisons, FAQ) - HiTMAN 2 (2018)


If you had H1, then the Winter Suit would’ve been unlocked.


I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the Legacy Pack.

It’s great because I get to replay and rediscover all the old methods of killing our old targets.

It’s not so good that it’s all mostly the same, and I’m grinding through the Mastery just to get all the equipment that I had in the last game, because it couldn’t be imported. It would be fun if there were anything new in terms of what you unlock or how you unlock it, but that’s the thing.

It’s all the exact same thing.

IO said that our progress wouldn’t carry over because they had “tweaked the mastery system in HITMAN 2”. It’s probably my own fault for thinking that this meant that the system would be presented differently, or maybe they didn’t add in all the unlocks because they had more powerful variants in Season 2, but no. They didn’t change a thing. I’m doing the same thing now as I did two years ago to get the same things that I already had.
Seriously, the only difference I can find is that they’ve put in a few more guards to spice things up a bit, and pushed a few Mastery unlocks to the side as a “complete 3 specific Mission Stories of our choosing” challenge.

Even worse, I’ve heard that the Mark II unlocks in Hitman 2 are “exactly the same, but kinda ugly”. Like, they’re probably decent reskins, and I was expecting that, but apparently they mostly just stuck a big fat pink sticker on every item and called it a new item? That’s just sad.

I don’t know man, I like this game a lot, and from what they’ve managed to put in this entry it really is fantastic and I thank you, IO. This is a quality game and you are in no way bad developers.
I just feel that there may have been some anticipated aspects of this sequel where they really dropped the ball.
Maybe I’ll really like it once I get to the new maps. :upside_down_face:


Well it’s hard to judge before trying the new stuff. I do however agree that it sucks, having to replay just for the sake of unlocking stuff again.


I heard there’s a few changes to the prologue. Actors with head bandages and they mention the Jasper Knight actor had a parachute now? Apparently.


There’s now a guard watching the camera recorder in the biolab in Sapienza. I found out by accidentally running right into him when doing an SA SO run (which he blew for me!) playing H2 Sapienza for mastery unlocks. :joy:


No one has posted a single pic comparing the visual changes in the Legacy pack :confused:


Shame that IO didn’t rerecord the accents for the Legacy pack. But at least I can unlock certain items again.


They added an extra guard in Freeform Training as well, making a Suit Only/SA a bit harder.
The NPCs look different somehow, less smooth around the edges. Performance on Xbox One (the onder one) is also less fluent than earlier.
Haven’t found a strategic use for any of the grenades. They raise an alarm immediately.
If the point of the grenade is to slip by unseen, but the immediate result is an alert, I really don’t see the point.

A small annoyance at the Yacht: the motor you switch on to lure away a guard doesn’t make a sound anymore. Breaks immersion.


They have rearranged the unlocks. Some items are unlocked in different maps and some unlocks are unlocked sooner.


The Legacy Pack is very dissapointing, and it ruined a lot of things. When im done getting the unlocks, and whenever i feel like playing the first season, ill play the original, far superior version.

Just to name a few dissapointments:

  • forced immersion with the sniper, it automatically comes with a case, and you have to fucking wait for 47 to assemble. This has already killed off atleast 1 solid strat. I will never use the sniper again after the unlocks, make that case optional, dont shove immersion down my throat

  • Can’t bump npc’s anymore to stop them from going for a distraction. Incredibly shit

  • One of the best and most awesome items in the game got nerfed: the breachers. Went from being a top tier item to not even worth having in a slot.

There are a lot more tiny changes to serve no purpose whatsoever, but you get the point.

Tl;dr: Whenever i feel like playing season 1 again, i will play the original, far superior version


Also noticed one of those enforcers in the marrakesh market.


there’s no reason for it to come with a case when the case already takes up an inventory slot


Man, that’s gonna be weird.

I get that they had to show off the crowd blending mechanic somehow, and (based on the added enforcers in Season 1) I assume they did the same with the new levels, but did they really have to make public enforcers?!

The crowd blending should be used as a way to escape and out maneuver guards who are A. either on your tail because you raised an alarm or B. In your way because you’re currently disguised.
It makes no sense to me (in-game) why they’d have guards who are extremely suspicious of that one bald guy in a suit. 47’s done nothing wrong, why is he on someone’s watch list??


I have about 4/5 Proximity Explosives btw, yet only 1 breacher that doesn’t work like it used to.
Breacher cannot be thrown to open doors anymore either.

Yeah I think it’s weird choice, they should just remove it. Makes sense in Miami to have security guards to enforce other disguises, but a public enforcer? What is that…


Exactly. Hm im thinking of selecting a case in my loadout slot, so that when i get to the sniper, i can hide it in there and travel safe. Game: Lololol unneed, sniper already comes with another case, so you just completely wasted your slot. Also, here is some immersion im forcing down your throat even though you dont want and it kills some of your strats. But have fun


I’m getting the Collectors Edition of Hitman 2 for Christmas, however, I downloaded the Legacy Pack to save time for when I get the actual game.

But I’ve just noticed I can load up Hitman 2 from the Xbox Home and play all the Legacy Pack?

Didn’t know you could do that??? The Hitman 2 content is locked but still didn’t know you can play the old missions???


One change I like is that early Jaeger 7 sniper rifle unlock is no longer subsonic or silenced. Made no sense in H2016 given there’s no visible suppressor on it. Suppose they could’ve added one instead, but the Sieger fulfills that role better.

Hitman 2016:

Hitman 2:


oh shit the guns aren’t blue anymore, looks so much better


I mean, these changes are why they kept the 2016 game vanilla. And I’m sure they could just patch that anyway.


What’s changed with the Breaching Charges? I haven’t unlocked them in the Legacy Pack yet?