Legacy Pack Discussion (Map Changes, Visual Comparisons, FAQ) - HiTMAN 2 (2018)


Nothing changed. Only the fact that you can only carry 1 charge.


“Improved” some water textures are buggy as hell in legacy maps


An extremely ropey bit of headcanon, but could these ‘public enforcers’ possibly be suspicious of 47 because they have intuitive feelings that he’s not genuine, and is at whatever location for nefarious reasons?


Hey, coin guy here if any of you guys see that f*cking coin on marrakech let me know lol


When using the diorama in Paris, Novikov seems to take a different route. Instead of walking past the container, he turns around and uses a different exit. Makes it a little more difficult to take out his bodyguard. Ended up having to create another distraction to get him to the container and take him out.


Its supressed barrel.
I dont like the changes but its look
It look way fkin better



Cannot throw it to blow up doors either. It’s nerfed to hell


That’s true, but I think for better design consistency they should have gone for attached suppressors over integrally-suppressed barrels in the first place. More of this appearance in mind:

The Jaeger Tarantula (?) - I’ve only found it on Ghost Mode so far - comes with one akin to the above image, the Siegers, and all ‘silenced’ guns in general. Compare the RS-15s, the H2 version has a more visible suppressor device attached, looks way better too in general.

Hitman 2016:

Hitman 2:


Every issue I had with HITMAN 2016, is sorted out with the Legacy Pack. Finally a hitman game to surpass Blood Money.
This game is fucking amazing! The briefcase actually reinvigorates the playthroughs far more than I ever expected. Having the case double up as a throwable and melee weapon deepens it’s inclusion, making it feel like more strategic options are open to you. The soundtrack has been tweaked nicely in some parts, the AI doesn’t do BS things like x-ray vision or detect me due to punch gilitch anymore…so far :wink:
Corner subdueing has never glitched out on me…Finally!
The audio, sound FX etc. all feel much more polished and the game itself makes 2016 looks like a Pre-Alpha build.
2016 feels like the Grounds Zeroes to HITMAN 2’s Phantom Pain. I could never go back to that unpolished mess of a game in HITMAN 2016.


You do realise the briefcase slot simply adds a slot for what goes inside the case? Way you phrased it, it sounded like you thought the sniper rifle had to be a pick up when it doesn’t. You can spawn with it inside the case and completely ignore smuggle points now.
Briefcase isn’t a wasted slot when they simply maintain the empty slot to the far right on the planning screen?


Even so, it still forces unwanted immersion down my throat by having a forced assembling animation. This has already killed off 1 strat, and it ensures that i will never use a sniper once ive done all the sniper assassin challenges. It should have been optional, if i want to smuggle a sniper in without a case i should be able to.

And there are a ton a small, unwanted changes making the game worse.

Original 2016 is far superior to the legacy pack version, easily.


So far you’re the only one in the forum who has praised the legacy pack Haha. I haven’t tried it myself but the murky color scheme in some of the levels kills the vibe.


I’d like to add a bit of positivity to this thread and say that I’ve just fulfilled a long-held ambition through the Legacy Pack. Ever since Sapienza and its awesome potential for sniping entered the world, I’ve dreamed of being able to do a roleplaying run of Suit Only Sniper Assassin on the World Of Tomorrow mission, sniping De Santis from the town hall tower and Caruso from the church tower. (To this end, I’ve created a Contract in WOT where you only have to kill Caruso and De Santis, and you can forget about destroying the virus.)

Prior to the Legacy Pack, you could do this run but only if you took a guard disguise to transport the sniper rifle to the two sniping spots at the town hall and the church. Praise the gods, with the Legacy Pack and its briefcases, I’ve now finally been able to do my dream roleplaying run for the first time ever.

Cannot tell you how much fun I had carrying my Sieger 300 Advanced safe in the Italian Leather Briefcase while I strolled at an easy walking pace through Sapienza in my Midnight Black Suit, casually walked up to my two vantage points, executed each target with a carefully placed headshot, and then calmly ambled to my boat exit at the dock with the world around me completely none-the-wiser as to my actions.

I’ve been waiting more than 2 years to do this run, and I LOVED it now I’ve finally got to do it.


It’s kind of sad that people are so entitled they have to complain about the original game being free to play in the sequel with updated gameplay. This doesn’t happen with any other fanbase, not even Sonic fans complained when Sonic Mania “changed the graphics” of old zones. SONIC FANS didn’t complain.


I think we need to give the game a fair chance and play it on our own systems before jumping into conclusions. In my experience, HITMAN visually looks much better in motion than it does on screenshots.


So what? Why can’t I complain if I don’t like something? And I wouldn’t say I got it for free as PZ costed 20 bucks just like the whole Legacy Pack.


You didn’t have to pay for PZ to get the Legacy Pack.


I had to do so to get the whole thing.


You had to do so to get the PZ maps. You could’ve just gotten the regular pack and that would’ve included the whole season.


A few things I’ve noticed:
I wasn’t able to shoot the virus in Sapienza, I’ve tried it several times with a pistol, including a white hit marker.
A few new NPC. For instance, there is a guard in the security room in Hokkaido, which is useful to obtain a gun and shoot the heart. Makes the level actually easier without equipment.
Picking up the briefcase under the table in the apartment in Sapienza is really difficult and I only managed to do it while moving.