Legacy Pack Discussion (Map Changes, Visual Comparisons, FAQ) - HiTMAN 2 (2018)


That means you’re missing it completely and hitting the NPC standing behind it.


Thanks for the explanation, so it is still possible?


I don’t know yet. Got the standart edition so haven’t played the game yet.

That’s for sure though as it was the case in 2016 as well.


I’ve just tried it again, it’s still possible with either pistol or sniper. I will change my post accordingly.


Same. I woke up the detective so I could snipe both her and Silvio from the church though :yum:
Wish I saved myself the trouble and thought to do as you did :blush:


I failed to lure Dalia and that bloke she’s with to her bathroom. Is this because of the noise of the show?

There are some subtle little changes to acoustics. Sato’s voice sounds amplified now during his speech, and the volume varies depending on where you are.


I’m not sure if this will help you, but I noticed with the Sieger 300 sniper, he just grabs it out of the case. No animation of assembly. Not all snipers have one it seems. So again, not sure if it will do anything for you, but there are without.


I don’t know why I was under the impression they would localize accents for the Legacy pack. Not a big deal I guess but still kinda lame that it’s not happening. I think out of all the “classic” style Hitman games 2016 is my least favourite (granted I haven’t touched Codename 47 yet) and the jarring accents in it was a big factor.


incorrect, their radius is also much smaller and they are not as powerful.


Well I mean of course the charges are less powerful they are breaching charges. They are used for taking down doors and some people can forcibly open doors by kicking them. Difference is breaching charges won’t get you mowed down by any hostiles.


Thanks for the info, appreciated.

My verdict will remain the same however: if i want to play the maps from 2016, ill play the original, far superior version, problem solved :slight_smile:


He means that the charges are less powerful in HITMAN 2 than they were in the 2016 version.


And I gave a reason for it. Breaching charges in real life are not high explosives sure a man who gets to close could be killed if he is right on top of it. Also IO don’t want people cheesing the mechanics of explosives.


Right, my mistake.


I wanna ask something not sure its the right post though but does anybody know where the iago invitation is in paris legacy?it was in toilet before but cant find it…


It should be in the first bathroom on your left near the woman who always says “Dammit!”. Beside the sink.

If you’re on Master Difficulty it’s removed, though I don’t know where they moved it to.


But no one is cheesing anything. It has been the same for quite some time and now they change it for no reason at all. It’s just stupid.


There a quadrillion other explosives in the game. Surely you can just pick another?


thank you so much yes i was on master difficulty.Wonder where it is now…


There aren’t any other silent ones. So no.