Legacy Pack Discussion (Map Changes, Visual Comparisons, FAQ) - HiTMAN 2 (2018)


I will agree with that.

Breachers can stay non-lethal in my book, but they need to come in pairs and their radius needs to be increased so you don’t always have to place them on doors. They worked just fine in HITMAN 1, realism be dammed.


Well I am sorry, IO want there to be a clear choice either use explosives for a sure fire kill but is really loud and can kill civilians or find another way.

If you want silent explosions then just mute your TV upon detonation.


No. It has been like that for a while and nobody was bothered by that. Also, I don’t care what they want. They are not the ones playing the game for hundreds of hours. I can understand advocating worse cutscenes as story is not that important but worsening gameplay is just beyond me.


" Our game is meant to be exploited. It’s not an eSport. It’s a sandbox." - Christian Elverdam, creative director at IOI


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But they are the ones who spent thousands of hours making it for you instead of making another game. They want it to be played a certain way sorry you can cheat the system.

Too bad artist make art for themselves first, they just make sure everybody else likes it enough to buy it.


I always wondered about that one.

I was like - this is a simulation, but. . . HE DED.


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He is still dead, an actor can’t last long in the middle of Greenland alone with no supplies. Maybe the training office might be able to locate him but he a goner.


Yeah stick to your own thread please bug people there this is irrelevant.


Just flag and move on guys. His account will be locked soon



Making the game less fun is not art. And if they wanted that they would change it much earlier. I suspect the change is there just to try to make H2 more different from H1 than it actually is.


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No I think IO want people to pick explosives so they can make the choice to either go loud or pick another approach. The game is still fun just less fun for you.


They gave him thermals. :rofl:


Tbh, the nerf to the breacher is an objectively bad decision, as it eliminates a lot of options and very cool strats.

For example something as silly as the ICA Space Program became legendary within the community, something thats impossible to do now.

All it does is making the game more restrictive and linear.


Why have they decided to do that only now then? Everyone was satisfied with that and now it makes the game worse for a chunk of people. Both speedrunners and their viewers are affected. Also, not only they are less powerful but there is only one now.


Two thoughts:

  1. I too feel bad about a nerfed Breaching Charge. I still don’t know what exactly the nerfs are, and I do not do the “ICA Space Program” stuff, but I do use Breaching Charges for hidden traps and for other hijinks where a stronger explosive would have been overkill.

  2. In exchange we now have the briefcase, flashbangs, tasers, and other stuff which apparently has utility for a number of tricks as well. While I am unhappy about Breaching Charge nerfs, I am open to the possibility that the community will soon have something to replace the “ICA Space Program” - not a literal replacement but something just as effective and potentially more stylish.

Remember when people thought The Big One wasn’t useful? :slight_smile:


In case of most Hitman 1 snipers, there’s no assembly animation. The Sieger Ghost (unlocked after the Marrakesh by night escalation) is taken out of the suitcase with no animation. This means your strats should still work, since the only difference is the Visuals of the case the gun is brought in.


I asked about that. The current thought is it should come out this Christmas.