Legacy Pack Discussion (Map Changes, Visual Comparisons, FAQ) - HiTMAN 2 (2018)


Then come up with new exploits. :slight_smile: I know you and @Gule and @BernardoOne and @Pagan and others are good for it.

In fact I am very excited for 2019 to see all the NEW speedruns and impossible stuff you guys will do.


I am currently playing the Legacy Pack and I gotta say I like it. The AI changes are nice and add a little bit more challenge to the original maps.

The extra enforcers are confusing at first but throw away NPCs in my eyes to demonstrate the crowd feature. Nothing too severe.

The sniper assembly animation CAN be tedious but I am only using the Sieger anyway - after unlocking it.

All in all the gameplay feels more refined, the controls are more fluent and – that’s probably my mind playing tricks on me – the performance feels better on an One S.
Pity some of the speedrun routes don’t work anymore. But oh well … there’s plenty of time to look for others.

Now I am waiting to be able to play those babies in Ghost Mode. Really looking forward to that!


Exactly my feeling. I don’t feel that bad about missing and re-grinding unlocks as a result.

I do worry I won’t have enough gear for The Undying. :smile:


No you can’t. Do you not understand why people liked the breaching charges?

First thing first, it wasn’t “exploitable”.
Second thing, it has been needed to the point of uselessness. Why bring it instead of just shooting the lock, using a lockpick ( infinite uses) or a keycard scrambler( three uses)? It can’t be even used to throw to a door at a distance because the radius is so small it will likely fail.

It was the only silent explosive, and it was also the only item in the game with significant physics impact that allowed to make melee weapons fly, and that has also been pretty nerfed.

Playing around with the physics is one of my favorite things in HITMAN and this need is a big disappointment that diminishes my enjoyment of the game quite a bit. I hope it gets brought back to its former glory and I’m sure other users can co-sign this wish @fkgfw @GuLe @Kotti @CJ @fortheseven @Urben @theWizard @mendietinha @Bending_Cheese67

@Travis_IOI please bring breaching charges back to two and restore their previous usability in terms of radius and physics.


While I appreciate some of the changes have been made to add realism, many feel a lot less fluid if you like working at pace. Just as one example, small things like not being able to hoover up items while dragging bodies is a step back from what we had in my opinion (albeit unrealistic, it made the game flow smoothly).

Also, why change the style/placement of the Agency pick-ups? I’ve just started on Sapienza, and the placement under the table in the safe house is horrible. I don’t know, just a vibe, but it feels a lot like some of the changes (including the BC nerf) were made to deliberately slow down the way some people like to play (and to limit experimentation). As flawed as some of the mechanics were in 2016, for me it was a work of art; while it adds a whole bunch of recyclable content, I’m not sure tampering with a masterpiece by attaching elements from 2 to the first season was a particularly good idea.

To add some context to the above, I’m already bored of grinding just for these re-unlocks, and am a bit pissed the Masamune’s not available, so take this all with the lorry of salt it deserves. :wink:


After reading this thread I think this meme still applies…



Only having one breaching charge ruins it for me, the fun of it was having 2, so I could do whatever i needed during the run, now i rarely use them :frowning:


What happened to all the escalations and side missions?


Have noticed a much more bone-crunching sound to neck snaps.

In Sapienza, the rather lazy iPad-browsing mansion guard has been moved to the security office on standard difficulty, a more meaningful change.

Hitman 2016

Hitman 2

  • The security guard near Sergei’s office? near the attic start position is gone. The one who used to stand next to the ladder.
  • Wasn’t there a security recording station in the plague doctor room? Maybe it was too easy.


there wasn’t one in that room


I just noticed that as well. Makes the mission a bit easier. That guy always used to find the breaching charge I placed next to the winch when I set off the security room protocol for peacock and cobra.

Another thing I noticed is also linked to a bug. When you make Novikov walk into the electrical trap near the garden statue, his personal bodyguard no longer drags the body away himself. He makes the security guard near the parking lot do it now. What happens though is that he starts “bugging”, a question mark appears over his head, he calls it in, then the question mark disappears, and then it appears again and het continues the loop. He remains in place near the puddle where his boss got electrocuted in a perpetual state of confusion. If you lure him away with coins, he will go back to that confused position.
In the end I lured him away with an audio distraction device which he then proceeded to dispose of near the IAGO invitation toilets. I don’t know what he would have done afterwards (return to being confused or do his Novikov-less route), because that’s where I knocked him out and took his phone.


I’m also a bit confused about the assassination challenges that used to exist specifically for “master difficulty”. The only challenges that remain for that difficulty specifically are the classics.
In the original HITMAN you had for instance a seperate “Drowned Rat” challenge for both professional and master difficulty. I guess this is gone?


Colorado Master SA/SO has had me stumped for most of today.

I can get the hay bale to kill Pavarti, and I can make my way to Ezra’s garage shack and kill him there, and I can even go around to the basement, but I’m stuck there.
I’ve tried to take a audio distraction device for when Penelope or Sean are in the main room, but they’ve been nerfed to hell and back.
Also, I’ve no idea how I’m going to get that face mask.

Any strategies?


Apologies for the replying to an old comment but the Sieger Ghost 300 or whatever (the one from the escalation) doesnt have an assembly animation. By now you probably know this but I thought I would let you know just in case.


Use Sean’s body instead of the mask after luring him into the basement. That’s how I did that back in Season 1.


Been grinding the legacy pack a little on master, and i didn’t want to make a new thread about this but:

Master (pro in previous season) is still extremely tedious and cancerous. What a terrible, terrible mode lol


Hmm? He’s still there I’m pretty sure.


At least you no longer have to wait for guards to check the cameras if you destroy them. And the only challenges are Classics as far as I know, so it’s kinda okay.


If you’re in the basement, you’ve got it made. Rose and Graves both pass in front of the door to the basement without anyone watching. Just nab them and drag them down. And you can then use Rose’s face to open the tornado shelter instead of printing out a 3d copy.