Legacy Pack Discussion (Map Changes, Visual Comparisons, FAQ) - HiTMAN 2 (2018)


Any idea how to do the slam dunk challenge in the source, now that fire extinguishers don’t kill people or launch them around?


I just snuck out behind Penelope and gave her a lethal injection as she passed the door. Sean was more difficult, I eventually got him down the stairs with a series of coins, because my audio distraction device also had no effect.


This is an infinitely good thing, IMO. Doesn’t force those of us whose comfort zone is Normal Difficulty (which you’d have to guess would be the majority of the playerbase) to have to do a whole bunch of challenge unlock grinding on a difficulty setting which is a significant step-up from our usual.

Leaving in the Master-only challenges for ‘the Classics’ is just the right balance between giving the hardcore players a bit of cachet for earning challenges that the average player might not want to try, but also making those challenges few enough in number that the ‘Normal’ players might feel incentivised to have a go at if they felt like a brief change of pace.


You make sense. I like you


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Thanks for the tips! I got SA/SO!

I tried using the save file I had before (which was once I was in the basement) but no matter what I did, the targets weren’t in isolated positions when entering the front room (I arrived just as they crossed paths on the floor) , and while I could just barely get Penelope as she passed by the door, Sean was upstairs and his bodyguard always followed him back down before he left.

So, I had to try again, quicken my route, get each target before they crossed paths in the house, and I did it! Oohhhh I feel so satisfied right now.


Anyone know what happened to all the escalations other side missions?


The Bangkok Patient Zero takes place at sunset, instead of night. Weird thing to change.


They are partly ported into H2. IO promised there will be more in the future.


I really loved remastered levels, especially the Master versions that are not a bloody grindfest now.

Also, kudos to IOI for actually keeping the S1 bugs in. I started to laugh maniacally when Diana reminded me that “Entering the Ether lab requires a keycard and a uniform…”. Will die happy if these classics remain forever.

I am actually serious in loving S1 bugs (except for wallhacks).


Also, Curator’s research aide still does that glitchy 270 degrees turn.


It seems like they fixed green filter in Sapienza?

Or maybe that’s just old footage


I’m willing to bet it’s old footage


The sky was different in the GOTY
This is probably from the legacy pack
But with a different color
We can have high hopes for a new update which will fix that


That is hitman 2016 model. New one has a shaded line on the back of his head. So this footage is from hitman 2016, but i hope they fix the lighting.


I don’t think it’s from HITMAN 2016 because of the skyboxes.First Sapienza version had clear sky iirc


Colorado, I am done with you!!

Oh, man does it hurt but I did it! SA/SO and SnipA in Master Colorado has been completed!

Now, I can finally move on to Episode 6, Hokkaido. Season 2 is just over the horizon for me… Took me long enough.


There is a “missing scene” in Situs Inversus (Hokkaido), for the challenge “No Heart Feelings”, when 47 throws the heart to the bin, there was a little scene where you can actually see what happens, but now, the camera only shows 47. :expressionless:


Do you have a source for that information?


Unless I missed it or turned temporarily blind, I’m pretty sure that the Katana has been removed from the Sapienza Mansion Attic.

Should be in a corner next to the circular window, but I don’t think I saw it there.


If you emetic poison sushi for Yuki, she will go to the bathroom and puke in a garbage bin. Is this new? Is this a bug?