Legacy Pack Discussion (Map Changes, Visual Comparisons, FAQ) - HiTMAN 2 (2018)


That always happened for me. To get her to puke in a toilet, I had to emetic syringe her as she was going into her room, then she’d use the toilet in that room to be sick.



I am now done with Season 1! Again!
Got all the Mastery Unlocks, Mission Story unlocks, and did Classic Master challenges because why not get those over with since they were always a pain. (Got a new black tie suit, yay! got some “classic” coins, oh boy! And I got every other item I once had before. Oof.)
Finally, I can now play HITMAN 2… The real HITMAN 2.


For me, Novikov’s guard has started vomiting in the corridor you enter to get to the auction. I’m going to try a sedative, and hope that I can get his phone that way instead, and then give him an emetic - to keep him occupied - in the next round of his cycle. I doubt I need his specific uniform for the lockdown opportunity.


Anyone seen this? Presumably means all the below are coming to the legacy pack? new weapons & tools? or have all these features already been implemented ? (I haven’t played the LP yet)


All of those features are present in the Legacy levels already. The ‘new tools and weapons’ refers to the possibility of using H2 unlocks in H1 levels, and the addition of new weapons in the H1 levels (like the new Shaska rifle in Marrakesh or the frying pan in the Paris basement).


Thanks man, I kinda guessed that would be the case, confusing tweet from IO


Does anyone have a trespassing problem for the second floor of the Marrakesh consulate? Whenever I go up the stairs past a guard I go from hero to zero in a split second, guards getting crazy over me trespassing. Only I was dressed as the camera man fixing the lights on one occasion and dressed as the masseur going to the massage room on the other.
Am I missing something or is this bugged?


I haven’t had this issue. Did the camera man and the massuer and neither were trespassing.


Well it keeps happening for me, so maybe it’s platform specific. I’m on XBox.
Anyway, I found a way around it by taking the back stairs :nerd_face:


You are not tresspassing, but you still have to get frisked. If you just run through its insta combat


Aw did they get rid of the floating lanterns in Hokkaido town?


I’ve always wanted to do this as well, but the latest patch has changed guard A.I., making this more difficult than it should be. Totally ruins the sniper assassin feel.


Don’t know if this was always the case, but some things that struck me during my last playthrough in Paris:

  • Dalia’s unarmed bodyguard also follows her in the office when you use the laptop dongle

  • There’s no evidence recorder in the attic (the sounds do remain)

  • When you start at the auction, Dalia gives her speech to empty seats.


Those are glitches except for your first point, her assistant always follows her in.


Are you playing on casual? There are no cameras, or recorders on casual, but you still get the sound effect.


Might be wrong but Paris never had a recorder in the attic. At least I never saw one in the previous game


Yes there never was a recording station, yet there always been it’s sounds.


Oh, ok, I guess I remembered that wrong then. Could have sworn though! Aside from the noise there’s also a big screen showing security footage so it’s pretty weird. Thanks for your inputs!


Did they … change Diana’s voice?? She sounds … odd. She keeps switching between a really light, young tone and her normal tone in the beginning prologue.


That’s nothing new, her voice has been like that ever since they released the ICA levels as a free demo for the previous game like over a year and a half ago