Legacy Pack & Expansion Pack


Ive bought the Main Hitman 2 Game with the Expansion on the 27. December 2018 (Gold Edition). In The game it says I didnt purchase the Expansion Pack, but in Steam it tells me it is installed. Is that just a visual Bug or has went something wrong here?
I bought the Legacy Pack on the 8. January 2019 but I’m missing the Aluminium Case. Some people said it was only for people who have purchased the game before it came out but I cant find evidence of that anywhere.
So if someone could answer me those questions and maybe help I’ll be happy :smiley:


If you’ve installed the whole game, it should be ok.
Check your inventory for Midnight Black Suit and Sports Pack.
These are Expansion Pack content. If you have it, you’re alright.
Also if you have it, but don’t have Aluminium Suitcase it can be either ‘preorder bonus’ is true, or you have to redeem a Legacy Pack. I don’t remember exactly how to get Aluminium Briefcase.
It can be awarded in a next log in to the game.
Also you may find something useful here:


It’s only visual, many have it unchecked in the store tab in the game even though they have the content for the expansion pass

If you have one of these packs installed or ready to install then you shouldn’t worry.

  • Executive pack (Executive briefcase & ICA19 Black Lilly),
  • Collectors pack (Midnight Black suit & custom remote concussive rubberduck)
  • Winter Sports Pack (Winter Sports Suit, Arctic briefcase, Piton, Snowball & Quickdraw)
    Check your add-ons/ready to be installed if you can download one of the 3 packs.

You get the briefcase as a reward for redeeming Legacy Pack.

So if you haven’t redeemed Legacy yet or if you’ve already redeemed Legacy and the briefcase still doesn’t show up in your inventory then try uninstall and reinstall Legacy.
If you have the Requiem Pack (Requiem Suit & ICA19 Chrome) in your add-ons or in your inventory, then the briefcase is bugged for you and you should contact IO and tell them you didn’t get the briefcase even though you’ve redeemed Legacy.
It was bugged and not everyone did get it in November but that got fixed with a patch couple weeks after launch.