Legacy Pack is a pain in the Ass for console users

Having to have downloaded the previous hitman game to get the levels on it to play them on hitman 2 is a pain in the Ass, why can’t we just get it, I mean I got the legacy suitcase, I played the Hitman GOTY edition, but I guess since its pre November 8th, I live in a poor area sadly, and the internet has quotas, if the quota is filled up, the internet goes to 3 kilobytes a second, and so I can’t just download the previous game.

I concur to this claim the Legacy Pack had pathing issues on consoles. And I understand the data cap. I use to have that while living with my parents up until September when I moved out and got better internet with unlimited data. Definitely sucks for you. You have my sympathy.

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You can try to dl it at someone who has flat internet.
I own H1 definitive edition on disc, so i had no problems while dl legacy. Also have unlimited internet.

My WiFi is pretty subpar but I downloaded it fine. As @djukak said you should try downloading it at a friend’s house.

I literally have no idea what you are talking about. Aside from having to go through HITMAN to download it initially, I had zero issues getting the Legacy Pack.

about a month ago, my PS4 hard drive died and I had to re-download all of HITMAN 2. All the levels, DLC and the Legacy Pack and it was still nothing to do that.

Please clarify what the problem is.

Edit after reading your post again

@Dryinspection, you do not have to have downloaded HITMAN to get the legacy pack. Just go into the add-ons for HITMAN 2 and you can download it.

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Read the Xbox One Legacy thread.

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