Legacy Pack Missing on PS4


My apologies if this has been posted many times, but I have already scoured the internet for a solution to no avail.

Recently I got the complete season 1 of Hitman through PS Plus for free. Played through it and since it was great I went to buy a physical copy of Hitman 2.

Now I am trying to redeem the legacy pack after completing hitman 2. In hitman 2 it tells me to get the legacy pack through the hitman 1 store but the legacy pack just refuses to appear in the hitman 1 in game store? The only available option is upgrade intro pack to goty. I have a tick beside each 6 episodes too. And the PS store registers that I own the complete season 1, which according to IO is a sufficient prerequisite to get the basic legacy pack.

I have already tried the method of downloading the digital version of hitman 2 prologue, but hitman 1 still refuses to give the legacy pack in the store.

If it helps my region is Asia. My hitman 2 disc region and account all line up.


IO is looking to fix the issue

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Sovled! It was indeed a problem with the bonus episode. Thanks IO!

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The re-downloading of H2 Prologue with the legacy pack as far as I know only works on XB. I don’t know how bad it is on PS4 especially since I don’t own PSPlus I only buy exclusives on my PS4… It could be a pathing problem like Xbox, and I wish I could help you, but I don’t have a proper solution since I own Hitman Season 1 and Hitman 2 on my Xbox One. Hope you figure it out though!