Legacy pack problem



I haveI bought and finish complete first season hitman and install all of the gory legacy pack but I still cannot access it in hitman 2. I have done everything that the instruction ask for.

Need some help please.


Could be a massive bug with the install. Which packs did you install, and in what order?

Also did you install any updates to HITMAN 2016?


Having the same problem


Hmm… Question for you guys, then: Can you uninstall data when not logged into a Playstation account?


Which date and you want me to uninstall??


Legacy pack not available on Xbox.
Only option is to redeem a code.


I on PlayStation 4 not Xbox


If your account is not the same region as the game it won’t work


I hate to say it, but all of HITMAN 2; a clean install is best. That’s why I was curious if Playstation users can uninstall data when the system is simply on, because for us XBOX players, that’s sometimes the only way to get the system to uninstall all of the data, not just a small chunk of it.

That said, if you can uninstall data without logging into a PSN or system account, here’s my suggested install pattern:

  • Uninstall HITMAN 2. Every part of it. (When logged out of your system account if possible.)
  • Install HITMAN 2 in full. All missions and all patches. For us XBOX players that use disks, we can hold off on updates until the install is finished, which speeds things up install-wise, but for this game, since I was using a LAN connection, I let both install in parallel and the game worked fine. Make sure yours does as well before the next step.
  • You should be prompted to play HITMAN 2016 to get the Legacy Pack DLC, which tells the system to download every piece of content. Confirm it, then Pause all installations.
  • Install the Paris map, and ONLY the Paris map, along with HITMAN 2 stuff if any. Go into HITMAN 2 when it finishes and check if you can access it. (It should be in color instead of all-red.)
  • If the Paris map loaded properly, install Sapienza next, then each of the main six missions one at a time. Check each one as they install. If any do not install correctly, reset the console, log out of your system account and uninstall the data, then try to install it again. Doing this ensures all of the data gets deleted, which sometimes won’t happen when logged into an account.

If the above fails, then it’s something IOI needs to fix ASAP. It was a problem with the HITMAN 2016 disk they released on XBOX as well, and there’s no excuse why we should be having similar issues again.

  • After installing the main six missions, install Patient Zero, then the extra content.

*** The “Legacy Pack” DLC is just a command to the system to download everything at once, which doesn’t work very well I find. Installing one at a time helps pinpoint the troublesome software.


i have the same problem need help im on xboxone


Made this account to voice this as well. I have the first season purchased (from the Square Enix publishing) on PS4, when I try to download load the legacy pack it says that I dont own the Hitman 2 bundle, or the Hitman 2 Legacy Pack


For the XBOX One, follow the steps I outlined in the post above yours. I’m installing each legacy map right now and had no issues so far. Just be sure to watch the download bar for a few seconds after you confirm the download. If it finishes really quickly, that’s a bad install/network issue.

@DMCMaster : Then I’ll see what I can do to help.

Make sure to clean install HITMAN 2, then go into HITMAN 2016 and get the Legacy Pack DLC from the store page. As soon as you do this, pause all installations of content, then install them in this order: Chronological main six, Bonus Missions, Patient Zero, then the Extras from the GOTY pack.

Make sure you check each items as it downloads to ensure they worked right. Installing them the way WB and IOI set it up is not a good way to do it.


Cool, I’ll try that tomorrow after work so I can watch everything


I am on PS4. I have the “full experience” for Season One (but not the GOTY/Patient Zero) and I can’t seem to find a Legacy Pack for me even though the game gave me the aluminum briefcase and the other Legacy swag.


@Agent_17 : That’s odd.

Did you try the store in HITMAN 2016? That’s where you have to redeem the Legacy code, not in HITMAN 2, so your system will download the related content.


I thought so but maybe not. I’ll check tomorrow; thanks.


Please make sure to read this doc first: https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-legacy-faq/

If you’re having problems with redemption, please tell us what platform you are on, what you previously purchased and what you own now. Please also specify if it’s disc or digital.

Xbox one legcay pack issues

Did not work dont know what to do now


@Spoogie : Darnit.

Alright, question: Which version do you have?

Disk copy or piecemeal DLCs? GOTY content or no?

Also, that FAQ mentioned above your last post? I downloaded all the content no problem, so this seems like a scattershot problem.


The legacy maps wont download they just stop