Legacy pack problem


I have juust the goty legacy pack with prologe


Hmm. Legacy Pack with Prologue.

Does that mean you’ve only installed the core HITMAN 2 game and none of the five maps, or the tutorial map?


I have the core game yes but when i redeemed my legacy pack from the previous hitman it all downloaded perfectly but i realized i cold not access none of it so i tryed to redownload the legacy pack and sapianza,maracash,Colorado and the bonus pack did not work and now they wont even download


I see. Did you do a system restart, uninstall the data while logged out, all of that?

If you did, then the Editor’s Note in the FAQ might explain things. It says XBOX One players cannot redeem the Legacy Pack right now, and IOI are working on a solution.


Thats all i needed to no thank so much :blush:


Not a problem. Sorry you can’t get the stuff you were expecting.


The only issue I am having is accessing Bangkok? It shows it as dowbloaded as well.

I have the Hitman 2016 Digital on Xbox with the bonus missions but I haven’t purchased Patient Zero at all.


That exactly what I have.
I am on ps4 too
after you get Hitman 2, you have to go into Hitman 1 and load the game up. when youre in the game, you have to redeem the legacy pack in there. Then go to ps store and download the legacy pack.
When that finishes downloading all 12 locations are in Hitman 2, and you can delete Hitman 1 if you wish and dont care about your progress from that game.


Same problem dude but no solution so far…


So I solved it for myself, had to buy the GOTY upgrade first as I apparently only had the main episodes and one of the bonus ones. But I have the legacy pack


Thank you it worked out😊


Hi I made an account because I have a similar problem, Paris, Sapienza and parts of Patient Zero (always a different mission not being available) do not download properly and appear unplayable in Hitman 2. I have seen the recommended solutions and tried them (multiple times) but none of them worked. I Own the Prologue, the legacy pack and the goty upgrade pack on the Xbox one. Now i have also seen the FAQ regarding that problem and know that IOI is working on a solution but I cannot find anything about when we could expect the solution being implemented. If I could get some anwsers about that or at least some other solutions routes i could try out, that would be great.


Hello there, I bought Hitman one digitally in pieces as the episodes were released on my PS4. I have not been able to redeem my updated season one content in Hitman 2 despite having recieved the bonus legacy items.

Ive followed the prompts but my in game Store menu in Season 1 seems to be glitched or outdated. No option to upgrade with the legacy pack exists except for the $24.99 GOTY Legacy upgrade. I paid a lot of money for this game I’d rather not spend another $25 to unlock content I should have gotten for free. Help is greatly appreciated.


IOI team. I have an Xbox One with Hitman 1 Definitive Edition (Disc) and Hitman 2 Gold Edition (Disc). I am able to download all my content for each game separately, however the Legacy Pack is not available to access for Free in Hitman 2, as advertised. The Microsoft Store is hit or miss on availability however, I know I can gain access at the price of $20. This doesn’t seem to meet the intent of this process. I have tried the FAQ steps here: https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-legacy-faq/ multiple times with no success. Is there a possibility of providing Reedem codes if the user can prove they own both games. A great way would be for the user to provide a photo of the DLC code that comes with both games. They are unique and can be tracked for one time use. That seems to be easier than writing new code.


This should work, it has worked for others


Thanks Ibbe040! Just to nail down the write steps go onto a different account ( not guest) from the one you installed hitman 2 on go to the Microsoft store find hitman 2 prologue click get, start hitman 1 then go to the main menu then store and select legacy pack (it’ll likely be the GOTY version). It should be available then. Worked for me. Gonna check and see if it all works.


Please fwrd to someone to fix this with the update. Theres about 5 questions and more everyday about it (not to mention the reddit). Atleast there’s a fix right now but everyone wont know about it. It needs to get easier to redeem it. It says unavailable for almost everyone whos having an issue.
Or if there already is a fix that no one knows about then let them know what to do.
Have a good weekend.
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Bad news folks…it just flipped back to red and I can’t access it on any Xbox account…it still shows I have all the legacy content… I’m done.


Turn off the network and do a hard restart of your console (press and hold the power button for around 10 seconds) then boot it up and turn on the network. This has solved it for those who had the get access issue


It didn’t work. IOI just lost a customer