Legacy pack problem


Ive been told that If you search for the individual legacy missions in the Xbox store it should work


Something that may work is deleting the saved game (everywhere) of Hitman 2 before you uninstall the whole game and reinstall Hitman 2 prologue only following the previously mentioned steps. After I installed, I turned off the console and turned it back on…no issues. Here is hoping its stable


It reverted back to inaccessible…this is odd


Anymore fixes on this? I’ve tried everything


Any updates on this? I downloaded the complete season on feb 22(ps4 hk region), and i dont have the bonus mission, which hinders me from having the legacy pack. but when i look at my account it says i have the GOTY edition, which i suppose should have the bonus mission.


If you don’t have the Bonus Episode then you can’t redeem Legacy.

Does it let you purschase Hitman Game Of The Year even if it says that you own it?

The Complete Full Season comes with the Bonus Episode so you should be able to download it. Look in the “Your Add-ons” for Hitman


already checked my add-ons list and there is no bonus ep to be found.


Have you search for it in ps store?


Yep, to no avail. Maybe it’s still a regional (Asia, HK) problem?


Don’t worry, I and many others have the same really annoying issue, I’ve tried everything, I have both games on disc with the starter pack and bonus missions, and still I can’t get the legacy pack


Hey 1st off thank you so much I had tried a number of suggestions for this problem, and this one here is the one that finally worked. I now have all of hitman 1 downloaded correctly. Also I am on ps4 and i’ve seen a number of questions about the differences. 1 yes you can uninstall/delete on ps4 while not logged in. I didn’t find that was dire either way. 2 You can also delete, from the app on your phone. My friend does this all the time. But that will start or even remote start your playstation, and if you are set to autologin you’d be online anyway. I don’t know if this will help anyone but if you have future question about ps4 situation please ask. if I don’t know i’ll test it out for yall.