Legacy Pack Question!


This may be a dumb question but I am going to ask it anyway…

If I have Hitman1 GOTY as a digital download to my PS4 from PlayStation store and buy Hitman 2 disk version, will the Legacy pack register or do I have to have Hitman 2 as a digital download for it to register?

Any help is appreciated!


You’ll be fine. Simply update the previous Hitman app (2016). Go onto the 2016 game, R1 across to the store tab (past contracts mode) and find legacy pack GOTY edition. Click that. Sorted! :blush:


Thank you so much! I wasnt sure if the different platforms constricted me from getting the Legacy pack. I will get home after work and check the update. Thank you again!


Here’s how it looks for me in game (I own season one digital on PS4 with the Patient Zero/GOTY upgrade).
Once I click this inside the 2016 app, when it goes live after midnight, it’ll grant me Legacy Pack for Hitman 2 :blush:


Sweeeet! I didnt notice the pack the other day when I was playing so thats the reason I asked but now im super pumped to get it! Ive been watching live gameplay all morning on H2 but its horrible with spoilers. I dont want to watch but I have to! Its a catch 22 lol… Thanks again!! You rock!


Can you delete season one after you’ve downloaded the legacy pack though? I don’t have enough room for Hitman 1, H2 and the legacy pack together.


Yes you can. I plan to anyways until proven otherwise.


Got the pack this morning. 40Gs. Im going to delete the old one right after it dls. Super excited!


I’ve hitman season 1 and i downloaded the legacy pack. It also says that if I hadn’t Hitman 2 there would be the Hitman 2 prologo for free but I can’t see it… Can someone explaine me what I have to do?


Yes; Here’s what I had to do on my Xbox X

After I tied H1 & H2 together via IOI account, H1 re-downloaded all of the missions and DLC, downloaded all of the “Legacy” levels & DLC to my H2, and downloaded everything to my H2 Sniper pre-order too

After un-lock, I deleted H1 and the H2 Sniper beta BUT it deleted all of the material from my H2 :stuck_out_tongue: So I had to re-download all of H2 again, but it’s working (H1 Legacy campaign, Legacy DLC’s, the H2 Campaign, and H2 Sniper mode IN H2) :wink:

Was a pain but it worked & I was able to totally get rid of 2016 & the H2 Sniper beta which saved me approx 160 GB :wink:

1st time I ran H2, it even gave me a Silver Briefcase for being “loyal” even though I only ordered the standard H2 (only the higher 2 versions were advertised to include a briefcase). It’s awesome & even makes H1 better, along with all of the other enhancements B-)