Legacy Pack still asking for code on Xbox one x


I have multiple copies of Hitman Definitive Edition for both Xbox one and ps4, but I only purchased hitman 2 for Xbox one. I have tried and tried to get The Hitman Legacy Pack to install on Xbox One X it keeps asking for a code. I even went and reregistered all 3 games on the new IOI page and still have them on the old Square Enix page. How many times do i have to pay for this game to get this to work like advertised? I called Xbox support just to have them tell me to contact the dev… but they have no contact email or support phone number! If this isn’t fixed, this will be the last Hitman get new. I have multiple copies of every hitman game except for hitman 2. IOI please help a loyal customer!


The only thing you did was telling us how it doesn’t work.
To help you it would be great to know what you tried to do in order to unlock the legacy pack.

(I understand that you’re pissed btw.)

IOI Legacy Pack FAQ

For instance:
I bought HITMAN digitally. Bought the intro pack, the upgrade pack and the GOTY upgrade back in the day.
Bought HITMAN 2 Gold. Started HITMAN and got the prompt that I can unlock the HITMAN levels in HITMAN 2.
Went into the Microsoft store and downloaded EACH LEVEL individually. Just search for HITMAN Legacy and you’ll find every bit of content you can download. I only activated the Legacy pack for the lulz afterwards.

Maybe that helps.
Otherwise @Travis_IOI might be able to help you.


Ok first and made sure that all the copies of Hitman are registered with both Square Enix and Ioi Interactive then I installed fresh copies of both Hitman Definitive Edition & Hitman 2 for Xbox One X I launched Hitman 1 and tried to install the Legacy pack it brings up a window asking for a code. I put in Hitman 2 and try to install the Legacy pack and tells me to put in hitman 1. I also have xbox live gold and game pass as well. But still putting the disc in and launching the game from the disc should allow me to install the Legacy pack. I have all these registration codes that came with the game but none of them work to unlock it.


There’s no need to register the game with anyone, not least Square Enix.

If you own HITMAN Definitive Edition, we know you have the disc. That means you also need to have installed everything from that disc onto your console, including the Bonus Episode. The Bonus Episode comes as a download key within the box that you can redeem on the Xbox Store.

Once you have all of that content on your Xbox, you also need to download the ‘HITMAN 2 Prologue’ from the Xbox Store. This is free and doesn’t need to be installed, you just need to ‘own’ it. With all of that done, make sure you have updated HITMAN 1 and then follow the links in the menu until you get to the Legacy Pack.

All of this is spelt out here: https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-legacy-faq/