Legacy Pack Troubleshooting and solution for PS4

Hi All, I had trouble last night after picking up my Collectors Edition of hitman 2 at gamestop.

Also note, it was 9pm ET, 3 hours early from it being Nov 9.

On Hitman 1 I had World of Assassination full game 2016

Then I got Requiem , GOTY, Definitive Edition.

Total there are 12 addon’s between all of Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 under my name.

also me being dum and I thought I was screwed for life, but thankfully was able to restore.

I accidentally deleted all hitman 1 stuff from my ps4 to create storage.

I reinstalled all hitman 1 stuff and thankfully everything was restored

Also what I didn’t realize was Hitman 1 servers were offline last night. Thankfully they are back online when I woke up at 8am ET.

So I saw I was able to download from the Hitman 1 store , the GOTY Legacy pack

Then I hit the ps button and it brings me to the main screen, but don’t hit start on hitman 1 scroll down and you will see Addon’s now I went from 12 to 26

I’m now starting to see Paris Legacy download.

You gotta wait for all of them to download.

After this is complete, then I can load hitman 2 and it should change from get access to installing.

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OK, All of season 1 is installed and ready to play on hitman 2.

The get access changed to installing and now installed and ready to play.

in the upgrade section under store, I got the GOTY legacy pack check mark.

now I’m trying to figure out how to get the expansion pack check mark.

I entered the code but it still wants me to upgrade.

Ok , sucess

I’m now playing Paris on hitman 2.

All levels are installed, the only thing I didn’t see are the escalating missions

I preordered hitman 2 collectors editon. I bought hitman season 1 in 2016 when it came out. According to all the information ive read if you were an owner of hitman 2016 before hitman 2 was released youd have access to hitman 2016 content on the hitman 2 game. I can see the missions but it wont let me play them. Takes me to playstation store and then it says they are unavailable. Can someone please help me.

Did you redeem the codes when you got the game. After you do that you put hitman 1 in.

Go to the store from hitman 1, there is a tab

That’s where you get the legacy pack.

Once download and installed you then put hitman 2 in and should be good

Thank you so much I thought I was screwed because I accidentally cancelled Bangkok and up I have all 38 add-ons installed now