Legacy pack + unlockable items


Shame that patch isn’t available yet. :joy:

Is it being released to coincide with the NZ launch @Travis_IOI, or later on?


Okay, I’m a little confused. For those of us who bought Hitman: Full Experience and then bought the Patient Zero campaign season pass, I am correct in reading that we will NOT be getting the Patient Zero content?

It seems that only those who came late to the game and bought GOTY or the definitive edition will be getting rewarded with all of the content, whereas those of us who invested from the beginning are getting less.

I’ve not checked yet to see what happens in our case when we attempt to redeem it, but I will be somewhat disappointed if I discover that loyalty is being penalised.


In that case, ensure everything is installed (GOTY, definitive etc) open up season 1 (i’d wait until after its been confirmed the legacy pack is available) and im guessing there’ll be simple instructions to follow, following you redeeming it it’ll be playable through Hitman 2

@euler13 no, if you upgraded to GOTY it will detect that, so youll get the GOTY legacy pack see below quote from there website

Players who own HITMAN – Game of the Year Edition (or have upgraded to the GOTY Edition) or own HITMAN: Definitive Edition, will be able to redeem the HITMAN GOTY Legacy Pack.


Gotta make sure you didn’t trade the game I guess.



Players who own HITMAN – Game of the Year Edition (or have upgraded to the GOTY Edition)


Yes, I saw that. My issue is that I bought the Patient Zero campaign season pass, but I won’t be getting Patient Zero content in the legacy pack. I realise they’re trying to streamline the system from all the complicated purchasing combinations, but it does feel like we’re being neglected. People who came really late and bought, say the GOTY discounted in a sale will be getting more than people who pre-order the Full Experience and bought the PZ season pass as soon as it became available to support the franchise.


Patient Zero season pass IS the upgrade. You’re getting it.


How did you purchase?

For me I bought the full experience on release, then purchased GOTY edition when it was released

So therefore i’ll be able to redeem the GOTY legacy pack, from reading your posts you did the same thing?


Gameplay videos SPOILERS are being shared as we speak. So pay attention people


Patient zero season pass/upgrade IS the GOTY man… you are trying to make complicate a thing that really isn’t :joy:


‘GOTY Legacy Pack’ available to download through a tile on the main menu (of 2016) once the update has been installed on Xbox (@Euler13 and if anyone else on console is interested).


There is a 126 mb update on Season 1. Wonder what it does.


It’s most probably adding the store option so you can access the Legacy Pack.


I hope, it’s installing quite slow.

Well I can’t connect online. Seems that it did that best


At least we finally have pricing on the legacy pack for those that may have to pay for it.


I’m so confused right now. All I remember is that I pre-ordered FE then paid for the extension to play PZ (which included the cool Cowboy, Clown, and Raven suits). Then I recall an “ultimate” edition that included all the previous content PLUS those terribly tacky suits (Futo Ninja, Lynch, and Freedom Phantom). Suits that I’ve never seen used in anyone’s runs. I thought that was the GOTY edition, but maybe that’s the Definitive edition I’m thinking of?

Anyway, thanks for the Xbox confirmation, @Ed_ll3. You’ve put my mind at rest.


I found it confusing as well to be fair; seems inevitable when there’s so many versions out there. I went a similar route with FE then add-ons, so you should be good to go after downloading the update.

The servers seem down at the moment, or I keep getting ‘down for maintenance’. When I did get in, it seemed to have reset all progress/mastery back to zero - hopefully that’s not permanent. :grimacing:


The version you got is the GOTY upgrade.
The terrible tacky outifts edition was a disc only release of the GOTY content.


You’re thinking about Definitive. GOTY came out the same day as Patient Zero and the DLC itself was called GOTY :∆


Thanks, that’s it. It seems that purchasing the GOTY upgrade converted our FE or other previously purchased complete editions into a GOTY edition.