Legacy pack + unlockable items


So none of the bonus missions from hitman will be in hitman 2, right?


I believe it does since they are an episode from S1 (summer bonus episode)


It’s ALL IN IT!! Even the Requiem Pack and GOTY Suits.

All you need is having HITMAN™ (2016) and it insta unlocks into HITMAN™ 2 :+1:



Well… when do the servers will go online? I’m still waiting and HITMAN 1 is offline… for playing and maybe downloading legacy pack


It’s online now for me but fsr it says the “no content” basically when I try to redeem the pack.


PSA: https://twitter.com/IOInteractive/status/1060548606816591873

The links in the store won’t work until HITMAN 2 is released in your country and on your platform. See here for release times: https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-2-countdown-to-launch/


Yes for me too
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Hello IO, any chance to get legacy pack on Xbox if complete first season purchased on both PS4 and steam ?


Sorry in advance for the big post :stuck_out_tongue: I just downloaded 1.36 patch on Ps4(I have the digital GOTY upgraded from Intro+Paris)In the store options I see Hitman2(buy option)and GOTY legacy pack but not available yet when I select it.I m gonna buy the physical edition (probably the gold one)in a few days , and I want to know if I will be able to start downloading the 45GB later this day when it becomes available.Can it be downloaded and stored as Hitman 2app even if I don’t have it on my Ps4 and will there be any problems when I ll install the disc version of Hitman2 next week?I kinda want to have it downloaded already but I don’t wanna risk any problems with the digital dlc being lost if it is one time redeemed…
Another question for anyone who has a second account on his console.Will my brother be able to access the Legacy pack or is it restricted to my account because I bought the GOTY?I expect it works like every dlc content and it’s shared from the primary account to all others!!Thanks!!


Can I play HITMAN 2 while downloading Legacy Pack?


I would imagine so. It would probably just take longer.


And do I need to keep Hitman 1 installed to play the Legacy pack too or can I delete Hitman 1 again after I downloaded the legacy pack?


Has anyone had success with the Aluminum Travel Briefcase unlocking in HITMAN 2 - a reward for HITMAN players?

It’s not unlocked for me. :confused:



@thrison Hey there !
When you get a chance, try to close the game and log in again.
We fixed an issue with that item earlier today, it should drop now and you should get a popup on the menu.


Great news. Now I can wear the Cowboy suit in Miami. Nothing else matters. :smiley:

Still there’s a minor nitpick: No mention of the definitive Edition Suits. It would be nice if people who bought that version could use these suits in Hitman 2.


Nice one, thanks for that.


So when they say all six locations, that includes the Bonus Episodes right?


I’m downloading the Legacy Pack now, if you don’t know how, start Hitman 1, go to store and download it from the store:

38 GB :crazy_face: :joy:.

Yes that’s correct:


I’m doing this now. So once I entered the game, season 1. Will I have all those nice features and briefcase? Because I tried Paris (only downloaded that for now) and it’s the same game…


No you gotta access the levels through HITMAN 2 to access the legacy versions I think. It was what it said on the FAQ.