Legacy Pack vs H2016?

So, on another thread I’ve seen a lot of people talk about not playing H2016 ever again because of the Legacy Pack. I must admit, I haven’t ventured into the Legacy levels on H2 yet, so I wanted to ask… is it exactly the same? Or has some stuff been changed?

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The levels are roughly the same. You get some foliage to hide in in Colorado and in the Training Facility.
The gameplay is that of HITMAN 2, of course.

Some little things have changed, like the surgeon disguise in Hokkaido.
Some other guys and gals can probably say more about that though.

HITMAN 2 feels better in my opinion.


Fair enough. But yeah, I think you’ve answered my question - the experience isn’t the same - do you know if there’s any personnel changes, even with NPCs?

HITMAN 2 is better. Hitman 2016’s
master difficulty is much better than HITMAN 2’s, lighting is better in 2016, but overall HITMAN 2 is way better. They are going to release the escalations from 2016 to Hitman 2, so thats not a problem


From the top of my head, the only differences is that:

  • NPCs sometimes take different routes or take longer/shorter times to arrive at a different destination.
  • More NPCs have been placed on certain maps
  • NPCs have been removed from certain maps
  • Foliage has been added

Plus there’s Hitman 2 mechanics.

If you want improved mechanics and an overall more polished experience, play H2016. If you want H2 mechanics, unlocks and some other changes, play H2.

Imo, they’re both good and I regularly switched between them.


Yeah, i prefer the lighting. You know in Hitman 2, when you go from a dark area to bright area and the whole fucking game goes dark for a while and not even naturally.


Even in Legacy you have to beware of random af head turns tho :rofl:

Some sounds like footsteps and music are much more pronounced in 2016 than in Legacy, but like I said in the other thread, playing 2018 and just being able to switch to Legacy is just very convenient :smile:


See, the NPC differences alone make it worth still playing H2016, for me. It may be a VERY similar experience, but it’s definitively different. Also, I have an idea for a project, and the differences would matter… thanks! :slight_smile:

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About the lighting

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Damn it’s so bright… Someone turn off the lights!


There is a bug on Patient Zero: The Vector. 47 no longer has the sniper rifle on his back when climbing the tower at the start of the level. It appears GTA style from out of nowhere when he reaches the top. It should be reported.

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Report all the bugs about HITMAN 2 (incl Legacy) in this thread:

IOI is watching closely this thread and most likely your info will be considered in a future

Really wish they’d polish the legacy levels properly. Stuff like busted lighting and blatant outfit clipping is unacceptable. It’s the sort of shit you’d expect from a mod, not a paid product. In fact, a ton of disguises on the legacy maps have noticeable clipping.


It’s kind of the difference between playing say HITMAN on “First Edition Rules + Old Gear” and then playing HITMAN again with “Second Edition Rules + Old Gear + New Gear”.

Considering the original game can eat up 80 - 100 GB of space, if one prefers the new edition rules and stuff, no real reason to go back to the original.

It probably doesn’t help that progress from Hitman doesn’t carry over to Hitman 2. For any new player, they would basically be punished by playing Hitman first, then going to Hitman 2, rather than just playing all the maps in the legacy pack.

Almost too much clipping to name them all. Marco Abiatti’s black shirt through the red suit, 47’s nose through the mask of the ninja outfit.

i think they fixed the nose thru the ninja suit. now only 100 more clipping issues to fix


The mechanics in terms of gameplay.

My favourite part is the ability to use all the Hitman 2 unlocks within Hitman 1.

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