Legacy Rewards and HITMAN 3

With the NoClip documentary providing new light upon IO Interactive, how we once demonized Square but learned that they care for the franchise and developer as much as we do, and more context on the development of both HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2 (2018). One detail from part one confirmed many of our theories/speculations that HITMAN 3 (20XX) will be the final installment in the trilogy known as The World of Assassination. Small little details we’re stated how we will have all locations from Season 1 and Season 2 (including DLC Locations). This culminated in around 20 Locations, with the overarching story between all games. It’s safe to assume that a Legacy Pack 2 is “confirmed” at this point. Alongside this HITMAN 3 might go back to that episodic release model.

Since we are well into HITMAN 2 and it’s content stream I wanna acknowledge key items that acknowledge our achievements through our playtime that we should expect.

Legacy Exclusive Items

  • Aluminum Travel Briefcase (Season 1)
    rewarded to players who own HITMAN 2016

  • ICA Outstanding Performance Coin (Season 1)
    rewarded to players who achieved one Silent Assassin Rating in the original release of the Elusive Targets in HITMAN 2016 Coin Varies On Score

  • Black Winter Suit (Season One)
    rewarded to players who completed any elusive target on HITMAN 2016

  • Requiem Pack
    rewarded to players who own the Legacy Pack or GOTY Legacy Pack

With these as references, we can speculate on what to expect as future rewards for HITMAN 2 & HITMAN 3 with as followed.

  • (Blank) Travel Briefcase (Season 2)
    rewarded to players who own HITMAN 2

  • ICA Outstanding Performance Coin ll (Season 2)
    rewarded to players who completed a HITMAN 2 Elusive Target and obtained a Silent Assassin rating in their original run in HITMAN 2

  • (Blank) Casual Undercover
    rewarded to players who completed any Elusive Target in HITMAN 2

  • Collector’s/Executive Pack
    rewarded to players for free who owns Legacy Pack 2 or GOTY Legacy Pack 2

These seem like the most logical rewards for this type of situation for HITMAN 3 since it displays set criteria and achievements throughout our years of being apart of The World of Assassination and when we entered it.

My rationale behind these reward concepts was to keep a form of continuity throughout it all. In HITMAN 2016 The Winter Suit was the “Big Ticket” item for Elusive Targets, but in HITMAN 2 The Casual Undercover is the “Big Ticket Item”. Both original versions of the suits will be unlockable via ET, but special variations are rewarded to the Legacy H1/H2 players.

The ICA Coin would be a Gold/Platinum coin with a unique design with the Roman Numeral 2 on it.

The Briefcase will be another travel briefcase, but rather than have HITMAN 2016 locations on it well it has HITMAN 2 locations on it.

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Good idea I can already think of more unlocks for the amount of ETs completed

Seeing that continuity would be reasonable, I would appreciate if they did some slight alterations for Elusive Target Rewards. Maybe see some older suits from the franchise. Or maybe a Signature Suit without the Jacket so we see 47’s Holsters.


I Think Io would add two new rewards for completing a number of ETs, location pacific suits by competing a ET in that location then other suits can be unlocked by challenges and challenge packs