Legacy Rewards Revealed (Winter Suit)


So I think most of us knew about the Requiem Pack being released under the Legacy Pack for Hitman 2, but a new blog post by IOI reveals that there will be other goodies for us Hitman [2016] players too.




Good. Something to make me feel like all my progress in the original version wasn’t in vain. It’s not much, but it’s something. Hooray.

And, it’s the Winter Suit! Awesome!


I love the Hokkaido and Bangkok stickers on the briefcase.:smiley:


God almighty that suit looks so crisp!!!

47 looking totally badass as usual. Can’t wait to get killing in that suit :wink:


Thanks to all at IOI - @Travis_IOI and others! That travel case will make sense in Colombia especially!


What about Mumbai or the US levels he has been to both of those nations as well?


Okay, here we go again takes lube

Thanks, IO! Looking foward to the launch.


I meant in the case of a guy carrying a suitcase. It would look natural in a village with a hostel, not so much at the races. :slight_smile:


Cool! Have to be honest, I’m not too crazy about that particular suitcase, but that Winter suit? Yes please.


Ha, and I wound up buying the Blood Money Requiem Pack when it was on sale like 2 weeks ago. Ah well, I can’t say I mind it. I know some people get wound up by the idea of old DLC becoming free eventually but I like this change. Makes me hope that in some way or form, all of the Hitman items and outfits will be able to make it in Hitman 2.


Yeah, I did the exact same thing :laughing:


Nice! Didn’t expect any bonus stuff, but definitely appreciated!


I have transcended.



Goddayum that’s a nice jacket


What’s with the hedious bright red pin on the winter suit though???



With the introduction of the World of Assassination, we set out to create a digital home for everything Hitman related, all living under one ever-expanding roof.

HA! You keep saying that, but that won’t fool me, IO!
Oh, the joys of marketing.


Yeah, I noticed that too. What is that?


To make it a bit more different to the original than a pallette swap would be my first guess but I might be wrong


Still looks cool regardless I think.

Cool little addition.


But what is up with that trainwreck of a Travel Briefcase? That thing is ugly as all hell.