Legacy Rewards Revealed (Winter Suit)


It includes holiday stickers of all the S1 locations.


it’s like a little aluminum lunch box. i like it :slight_smile:


Very cool! I didn’t expect any legacy rewards but this is certainly a nice surprise!

The travel case albeit a tad ugly is perfect for smuggling in potential killing instruments in an inconspicuous manner. Oh can we not just talk about that stylish black winter suit…damn son!


Awesome! Must admit, the Winter Suit is my favourite suit from S1 so I’m glad it’s back.


I miss the look of the classic style briefcase:


Could still happen. We already know there are at least 3 or 4 suitcase skins, they may eventually add a classic style briefcase in the future.


Really happy to see that we get to have the Winter Suit right from the start without having to complete another 5 Elusive Targets with Silent Assassin rating again.

Though I kind of wish that we also get the ICA Coins as well for participating in the first run of ETs in the previous game because I like using them as a calling card, given how unique they were compared to the generic and Gold Coins.


Can’t wait 10am ET gamestop i can pickup collectors edition.

I had goty, requiem pack, definitive edition.

I’m hoping all 3 DLC will be ready for me on hitman 2.

Im watching another 48 hrs movie lol


the coins carry over.


Including the ICA coins? That’s sweet!


ICA coins are only coins to carry over.
But it has been confirmed by people already playing the game.


I know dude I’d love if we got a really detailed version of that where all those little dashes on the case were tiny detailed insignias :blush:


its not the same as the one from s1, this one has a little Red Pin on the collar, wondering what that might be!



okay, thanks! i thought it would be maybe the ICA Skull Logo or something…


IO and classic isn’t a word that works together. They won’t re introduce an iconic gun go figures a briefcase from Contracts. So no. The briefcases will be replicas of what it’s out in the real world such as this aluminium one.


Timezone doesn’t matter. :blush:


The Blackballer isn’t iconic.


I was talking about the Silverballer and Hardballer. The Blackballer was an introduction that never took life


@badeaguard dont even try, they’ll never understand. “tHe SiLvErBaLleR iS In HiTmAN“