Legacy Rewards Revealed (Winter Suit)


The Silverballer is in our hearts at this point :slightly_frowning_face:


ThE sIlVeRbAlLeR lOoKs SlIgHtLy DiFfErEnT


… and the animation …


Sometimes reading these threads is like watching the 'Member berries episode of South Park. And just as unfunny.


Look… AMT went out of business years ago and went down in a hail of complaints about quality.
I think it’s about time 47 got new trademark pistols don’t you think?


I’d honestly be in support of every Hitman game getting a rerelease that replaces the Silverballers with a banana gun, just out of spite. I’m sick of hearing about it, it’s so disheartening if you’re a developer to hear somebody complain about your gun models looking different than an objectively inferior design because “it’s tradition”.


I guess AMT is the gun manufacturer?


Looks like a clock so could be something certain players get if they earned it via the elusive targets in season 1. Like a badge of honor :slight_smile:


Yes… Arcadia Machine & Tool was the real life manufacturer of the real life AMT 1911 Hardballers which were 47’s staple weapons in the first game, renamed to “Silverballers” afterwards.

I was just reacting to some people’s fixation with these outdated weapons made by a long bankrupt manufacturer.

The real 47 would have moved on to the latest and greatest in handguns.

Which is to say that if there were any pistol rewards in the future modeled after newer handguns, I’d appreciate that over the same old Hardballers.


Neat thank you for the fun fact. :slightly_smiling_face:


I really don’t like the little pin, it’s enough for me to not wanting to use the suit in the game, luckily there are a lot of cool suits to choose from.


You’re not very normal my internet friend. Sorry


I’ll have to live with that opinion for the rest of my life


Well yes. Your problem is with me personally that I want it back. I guess you started with season 1 because most of the old fans I know cares about it. Maybe not as much as me but they do.


I started with Blood Money. I just don’t care.


How could you not care? Do you care about the briefcase? About the logo? About Agent 47?


Aluminium briefcase looks sweet! I’m hoping the briefcases aren’t just re-skins and bigger cases hold more items! (maybe I’m asking for a bit too much)


No. I care as much about the aesthetics of Hitman as I do the eye colour of Sonic The Hedgehog. The series’ basic narrative and visual cues are basically just cloned from MGS anyway, badum tish, the gameplay is what makes it stand out.


Well some of us are for the character and story. While gameplay is important I prefer more they stick with what 47 was always portrayed.


Really? That’s quite interesting, why? Not to be rude I just genuinely want to see what you see.