Legacy Rewards Revealed (Winter Suit)


Well when I started playing the very first Hitman (Codename 47) you didn’t had much to do. It was my first shooting game if we can so call it that way but what got me the most was the elegance of Agent 47. A guy in a suit looking good killing? I was in love.
I know it didn’t look good back then but in an 11 years old mind kid it was something. That was my age when I first started.

With Hitman 2 Silent Assassin they introduced more iconic stuff, or better say more personal things marked with the Insignia of the franchise and they kept this tradition till Absolution.
So we had 4 games with iconic Ballers and iconic symbol.
For some one who grew up with this things it kinda hurts in a way they removed them.
So this is the reason why I care so much and the reasons such small things are very important to me. Not to mention they are not justified of why they are not anymore in there. Like the code under the barcode of 47’s back since IO stated the story continues after Absolution.

I like challenging myself to complete missions on Silent Assassin but that’s pretty much it. I’m more into the story and admiring 47 the way he does things.

Hope you didn’t get offend earlier. I’m a day away in playing Hitman 2 and I’m pretty nervous.


But surely everything doesn’t have to look the same in every new game?


They need to look better in fact. Another thing I really don’t like much is the variations of weapons that are the same. And I’m talking about the 1911’s.
In the old games you didn’t had many guns but they were different from each other. Hardballer, Beretta, Deseart Eagle, CZ2000, 22mm pistol and other 2 types with a long barrel I don’t know the name.

In here you literally have the same variation of 4 1911 with the same markings, triggers, sights, silencers but with different grips and colors.


Well I don’t think you have to worry about that :lenny:


I hope so, I saw some photos of the new weapons. The Black Lilly is pure identical with the ICA19 but at least it has the symbol on it and that makes me happy. But I haven’t seen all weapons yet. Only some.


There’s some insanely good location-based unlocks.


I know where you are coming from with that. I grew up playing the classic Tomb Raider games and I hate how they have changed the series into a mindless 3rd person shooter and what they have changed Lara into for the reboot.


If they can detect who completed an elusive target in the previous game to give people the Winter Suit, why can’t they use that information to also give them the rest of the unlocked suits?


Because probably they want that we reunlocks them via new elusive target


Aw so that nice silencer isn’t there?


Edit:incorrect seems like


Nope. The same but with black writings on it instead of white


no, the grip is a bit different


Hmmm… I’m guessing, if you’re also a James Bond fan, you were also upset when the PPK got supplanted by the P99?

I thought it was a sensible updating, except that the PPK had more character and was better concealed carry.

But that is also the same criteria I would have retained for 47’s favored handgun.


I was absolutely distraught about that. :sweat::disappointed_relieved:


Actually James Bond originally carried around a handgun of Beretta manufacturing. It was only on the advice of a gun nut like @badeaguard did Flemming change to the PPK in the novel Dr No


@Soupienza the only weapon I mind in Hitman is the Silverballer and the Blackballer from the BETA in 2015. Others I really don’t mind.

@cakeblock941 yes, it seems the grip is from the ICA Silverballer. I just saw some pictures of it here. I still need to wait 9 hours for gamestop to open.
But it’s downloading now the Gothy Edition on my season 1


Fuckin blunderbuss please. Dual wield them


Are the cutscenes in 2016 the same as in Legacy Pack? I didn’t see the cutscene show up while CJ was streaming.


Well the cutscenes for the tutorial levels are still there. I have yet to play the legacy levels but I am going to assume they are there.