Less Is More Competition


I’ve come up with an idea for a new competition which may or may not work. Let’s see…

  • You start the contract with no loadout and in the default location; no smuggled items allowed.
  • It must be possible to complete the contract with silent assassin rating without using any items on the map.
  • Each contract has 1, 2, or 3 targets and there must be no disguise restriction or kill conditions.
  • You are not supposed to use any items found on the map, but if you do then your final score will receive the following reductions:
    • Each item you add an item to your inventory you receive a 20 second penalty,
    • Each time you use an item (throwing, dropping, and melees) in your inventory receives a 10 second penalty,
    • Each time you change disguise you receive a 60 second penalty.
  • For example, the classic coin lure trick would cost you a 60 second penalty: pick up a coin (20 seconds), drop the coin to attract NPC (10 seconds), pick it up again (20 seconds), and throw the coin to lure the NPC (10 seconds).
  • You may nudge, subdue, snap neck, drag bodies, open doors, operate switches, taps, and so on without any penalty.
  • You may play the contract as often as you like with minimap and instincts enabled, but you may only submit one entry per round.
  • The winner is the player with the best time after time penalties have been applied. If there is a tie then the first person to submit their run is the winner.
  • The competition lasts one week.

Of course, the rules can changed if we feel there are improvements.
(Note: The rules changed from a points penalty system to a time penalty system for the beginning of round 2.)

I’ll start the competition with the first contract for Xbox. It’d be great if anyone on PS4 or PC who was interested in playing could re-create it.

Title: LIM #1
Location: Sapienza by Sunset (Landslide)
ID: 1-04-6624936-67 (PC); 2-04-2121115-23 (PS4); 3-04-4418025-05 (Xbox)
Deadline: Saturday, 12 August 2017


Gonna recreate on PC, will edit this post with ID.

Edit: 1-04-6624936-67 (forgot to give it a proper title)

What about smuggled items? Are they counting as loadout?


I guess so considering the overall rules


Thanks for re-creating it. And, yes, no smuggled items. I’ve added it to the “rules”.


Does this go for adding a pistol and shooting it? If so, do I lose 10k for every bullet?


Just to be clear. So if i grabbed lets say the key in the church, and use that, my final score would receive 20k reduction?


You cannot start with a pistol to your inventory at the start at all, but if you pick up a pistol from a subdued guard it will cost 10000 points, and, as you said, each time you fire a bullet it will cost 10000 points.

Yes, that was the idea. Regarding the priest: I can think of at least three ways to get to him without any lockpicks, keys, crowbars, and so on.

Similarly, if you picked up a coin, dropped it to attract an NPCs attention, the picked it up again, and threw it - a.k.a. classic coin lure - it would cost 40K points.

The idea is to create a competition where we are challenged to navigate the map without gadgets and to think a little outside the box to get kills. It may turn out to be a disaster, but I’d like to see how it goes. However, it might be that it has the making of a good competition idea, but will require some tweaking to make it work better.


Great idea. Love the deductions in uses.


Thanks. Yeah, the idea was not to completely outlaw them, but to get you to think, “Do I really need to do it that way?” It’s quite possible that by saving time and using an item in some cases it is better to take a 10K deduction rather than do it the way that would take longer. Hopefully it creates that challenge of balancing time versus item usage.


Ok, I’m going to recreate on the PS4 now for you


Recreated for ps4


Sorry didn’t see your post, I just made it.


Oke cool. Will take a look at this now.

Why this though?


No problem, doesn’t really matter who does it


I suppose it doesn’t really matter. I was just thinking if someone submitted a run, then a better run was submitted, it might give the first person ideas to improve by copying or borrowing ideas. Having said that, does it really matter? Maybe we allow as many entries as possible until the deadline is reached. What do we all think?


More entries would be more fair


I’m absolutely more than happy to change that rule, but keep in mind I was not referring to restarts. You’re free to do as many restarts as you like. I was talking about only being able to submit one video entry each round. So if one or two others think it’s a good idea, then we’ll change it to allow as many entries as you like before the deadline.


I don’t see the need for people to submit multiple entries, personally, so I think the original rule is fine.

Especially given the way the forum is structured. It would help to reduce the numbers of posts in the thread.


If there will be “one entry only” it will turn into “wait until the first guy uploads and then beat his score”. No one will want to be the first guy and the competition will die off like Hitman Roulette.


So make sure your run is decent and don’t just submit the first shit you think of.