Less Is More Competition


Works for me, doesn’t for everyone else even though most of the forum are decent guys.


I think whichever way we go it’s going to require trust. If we only allow one entry, then some less honest people will pretend they’ve been really busy, wait until near the deadline, watch all the entries, and knock a few seconds off that. Similarly, if we allow multiple entries, then the same type of dishonest person will just re-invent the wheel with a few optimisations.

I think we’ll stick with the original rule and, like in other competitions we’ve done here, there will be nothing wrong with someone submitting an unofficial second entry with improvements. However, only their first entry will count.

At the end of the day, it’s meant to be for a bit of fun and I think most of us will play fair. :sunglasses:


The sad thing is that I could submit mine already and others could try to grind it until they surpass my score. Any tip to make that even? A real-life time bonus? :stuck_out_tongue:


The only way to make this 100% fair, if that’s what anyone is really worried about, is to submit your score card only with your deductions included (if you have any). Then after the current contract expires, have a 24hr period where the competition is closed and everyone can submit their vids. So the “claimed” winner can show if he made the correct deductions (if need be).

That’s 100% fail proof if anyone really cares about it being totally fair.


Dunno, sounds complex. I want to post my entry already.


Same with me… aw whatever, I quickly upload it.


Here is my entry!

Beat it all you want - I play for fun :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t say it was or wasn’t. I was just helping out a concern about watching a run to shave off time as this is the only way I think that is fail proof.

I don’t really care either way. Just helping out. :innocent:



Nice time mate.

Any reductions/penalties?


No. This one was really straight forward, which i guess is nice for a first contract.

I think this concept could be pretty interesting though.


I was wondering @Euler13 , if I pick up keys (of a car for example) does it count as an item ? If yes does escaping with the car count towards using it ?


For this one, I couldn’t see the penalty incurred by using items, being worth it. But like Forthe said, interested to see what happens as the competition goes on.

Here’s my video. I don’t believe any reductions are necessary.


No deductions needed, I have video recorded but I’ll wait to post it.


For now I am only second last yay :smiley:


Whoa what I had no clue that you could lure the priest with the organ like that.


Me neither. Something new I learned today.


I like the idea behind this. Here’s my score. No items picked up, no disguise changes.

First Target: Lured away his buddy by overflowing a sink and then drowned him in the toilet. Had a few failed attempts in my first tries because that bastard would suddenly turn around for no apparent reason.

Seconded Target: Entered and left the church by climbing up the pipe to the bellow tower. Pushed the Padre over the balcony.

Third Target: Waited until the bodyguard was gone and no NPC was near the windows. Then I choked her and put her in the oven.

Exit: Simply walked through the door with the two guards.

All in all a nice choice of targets, looking forward to whatever the first winner comes up with. :slight_smile:


I knew that but after a few tries I decided that it was easier to climb the pipe. Shame, really, should have explored the organ lure further.


Here’s my video, I went in through the sewers for the priest.