Less Is More Competition


Use time penalty instead of score penalty, problem solved.


1min penalty for using an inventory item, disguise
45s for using a smuggled item
30s for picking up an object from the map


I’m fine with subduals being free to a point. Something like up to 3 subduals or somesuch. Sometimes it simply isn’t feasible to do a contract without getting rid of somebody. But I also don’t think it should be encouraged to choke out half a map either. One can certainly argue that subdues already cost time, but I think it’s a lot cleaner the fewer are done even when they might be convenient.


Agreed. Time is much easier to count than points which are calculated differently.


Genius! :+1: So we completely ignore the score on the official scorecard and use the official time with deductions. Only SA runs can be entered (thanks for pointing this out @Serious_Pony).

Now we just need to decide on appropriate penalties.


Except that it should be SA - otherwise there is little sense in competing.


Goes without saying.


So when time is equal, score is the last determining factor.
Looks like @Fortheseven was wrong all this time.


If times are equal (after deductions have been made), then the first run submitted at that time is the winner.


I think score should be the last deciding factor instead of date of posting because I already beat someone by literally one point on a contract were both runs last the same time. I think that is because the game counts milliseconds time too. And we should always favour runs using less objects.
Also, I think subdue of NPC shouldn’t be a penalty. If it is then interacting with things like sinks or generators should be too because it is the same thing : clearing the way to the target or luring it to a (non)safe place.


Yes make time penalties with first submission favouring. That really is the easiest and most fair way imho.


That’s a good point. If subduing is going to be penalised, then so should anything else which manipulates the positions of NPCs, and vice versa: if it’s okay to turn on a radio to get an NPC to come over to investigate then subduing shouldn’t be penalised. At the end of the day, as @Nakar already pointed out, subduing costs time, plus, it comes with the risk of getting caught and hiding the body.

I suppose we have to keep in mind what this competition is all about: completing a contract with zero or minimal items.

@C2H6O suggested allowing items in loadout, but with penalties. What do we think?

Here’s a proposed penalty scheme.

  • 60 seconds: different starting location / each disguise change once contract begins
  • 50 seconds: each inventory slot used at start
  • 50 seconds: using smuggled item slot at start (no additional penalty when item is first collected)
  • 20 seconds: picking up an item on the map
  • 10 seconds: each time you use an item in your inventory


Good so far, but would put 60s for each used inventory slot and 20s for each item use.


My thinking was: 50 seconds for using the slot at start and 10 seconds for actually using the item during the contract equates to a 60 second penalty. Similarly, picking up an item is 20 seconds and because using it is 10 seconds that’s actually a 30 second penalty overall. So even something as simple as picking up a coin and tossing it would cost you 30 seconds.


The point with my inventory slot is that smuggled items should be a little lower since it costs time to get there already.


It really depends on the map, so we need to build in “on average” metrics. Think about Paris. You walk in through the main entrance and grab the item from the smuggle point under the stairs en route to most places. Whereas on Landslide you’ve got quite a trek to get to your flat.


Imo keep it no loadouts or smuggled items.


New contract tomorrow, am I right ? @Euler13


Yes, and it looks like it’s going to be your contract.

As we’ve not had any more feedback we’ll go with the following changes to the rules.


You are not supposed to use any items found on the map, but if you do then your final score will receive the following reductions:

  • Each item you add to your inventory costs 10000 points
  • Each time you use an item (throwing, dropping, and melees) it costs 10000 points.
  • Each time you change disguise it will cost you 10000 points.


You are not supposed to use any items found on the map, but if you do then your final score will receive the following reductions:

  • Each item you add to your inventory earns 20 second penalty
  • Each time you use an item (throwing, dropping, and melees) earns 10 second penalty
  • Each time you change disguise earns 60 second penalty

So as before, you start with no loadout and you must begin in the default location. The winner will be the player who completes it in the fastest time after time penalties have been applied.

If there are no issues with this - I think everyone has had long enough - then I’ll edit the first post before the end of Saturday with the new rules in one place.


Here is the contract :

Name : LIM#2
Xbox ID : 3-06-0601486-18
PS4 ID : 2-06-1183089-23
PC ID : 1-06-3422647-67

For the xbox players be careful to use the updated version of the contract because I forgot to put any kill/disguise on the first version :sweat_smile:
If you have any more questions about the targets positions fill free to ask.
Good Luck !!!


I’m sure this is going to be destroyed with submitting so early, but here is my run. I did it in 4:38 without using any items, but in this run it required me to pick up and use an item. So I receive a 30 second penalty.

LIM # 2 (3:10 + 30 second penalty = 3:40)