Lethal Elegance 👔

The following are Hitman related Neckties & accessories that i wish to collect in the future. Some of them are ones that ive bought at Musterbrand.com and other online stores, while others are ones i plan on getting custom made. I also plan to make a custom made Tie/Accessory box in the shape of 47’s briefcase, along with all the appropriate logos.

I just wanted to collect a bunch of ties that have the “Hitman Touch” to them. I also made up what id like the tie to be called, which i will also have labeled for the tie in the box…Maybe get the Name engraved to the corresponding tie. I obviously love Hitman and i actually have a job where i wear a tie everyday, so i thought id add some “Lethal Elegance” to my wardrobe :sunglasses:

As i said, Some of the ties shown below, i already own, while others i plan to get in the future to add to my collection. Once i have all the one’s i want, i will post pictures of all of them displayed in my custom box i will be making. It will probably be a while until i get them all and make the box, but once i do, ill post the pictures.

And please!..If anybody has a cool idea for a Hitman related type tie or accessories, with a neat “Custom Name” it could be called, PLEASE share your idea. I’d love to hear it!
ENJOY! :grin:







"AGENT 17 DELUXE" (Tie, Sunglasses, Leather gloves set)

"THE CREATOR" (Ort-Meyer’s Bow-Tie)

" V.I.P." (inspired by the NPC icons in the “Legend” on the old games Maps)



"RUBBER DUCK" (Can’t think of a name for this one)


Bullet Tie bar

"Silent Assassin" Gold Cuff-links from Hitman 2

I would get something similar to this, but have 47’s barcode number engraved on it.

MARK PARCHEZZI lll Sunglasses

And that’s all i can think of right now… Once more, if anybody can think of something cool to add, that’s some-what Hitman related, or similar to the photo’s above PLEASE share!!! :slight_smile:


Wow that would be a very nice collection… to get ones hands on.

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I love Mark Parchezzi’s sunglasses they look cool on him doubt they would on me though :smiley:.

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Lmao :joy: Yeah same here, I’d probably look like John Lennon lol I just thought they would be neat to have in the collection…maybe not actually wear them…? Haha!!

And yeah, thanks @KrugerSchmidts, I really do like this myself. Can’t wait to get the box made as well :smiley:

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The jacket, man. Gotta have the jacket. 47’s is very specific- it isn’t just any old suit jacket. It has a dark red interior, for one. I plan to buy a well-fitting black suit jacket and replace the inner liner myself at some point for this. =3 Also, the Absolution gloves- which I’ve noticed are ridiculously hard to find for exact screen-accuracy, so you might consider having them specially made. The ‘Silent Assassin’ gloves are very plain black, with pretty much no flourish or special stitching, just make sure they’re second skin fit. Blood Money has that center seam along the back of the glove. Both of these, you can also find.

…And yes, I pay way too much attention to tiny details.

To help with putting descriptions to pictures…

Silent Assassin style.

Blood Money style, if you replaced the gold buckle.

Literally the closest thing you can buy to the Absolution gloves.


Yeah definitely, can’t wait to see your collection when it’s finished.

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Thanks for your input. However, I already have the Hitman jacket, I got it off Musterbrand, along with the leather gloves. I do plan to get “Absolution” style gloves as well, I’ll look more into that, thank you for the photo.

The jacket I got a while back has a raised barcode stitched on the back, below the collar. As well as the barcode printed red in the inside. I also have the red tie and tie bar, along with the insignia cuff links.

As of right now, im more into looking for ties that have a Hitman theme to them. As well as accessories. Even if I have to get them custom made. If anyone has an idea for a theme of a tie, please let me know and share your ideas :wink:

Here is the blazer I got

I may get this one as well…

Ah- you got the ‘Official merch’ jacket. I was talking about a screen accurate one. =P

You sure do love Hitman don’t you, that’s a sweet looking jacket.

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Lol yeah a “screen accurate” one would be Very costly… The one I got was like $150.00 USD. If I got a “screen accurate” one with red interior and it was Italian wool, silk linings… Yeah… I’m not rich lol or better yet, as much as I would like that, I don’t have like 2,000+ dollars to spend on a jacket.

Plus I too am very particular with detail myself, so if I got one like that made, it’s pretty safe to say it would probably be within that price range. Not to mention I would have to get it tailored to fit me perfect. Maybe one day if I hit the lottery :laughing: So ill just have to settle for the “Offical” jacket for now haha!!

EDIT: and yeah @Mr.Reaper I sure do :smiley:

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I can’t even afford the Official jacket. So I have to sort of settle with what I can do myself. thankfully, I have a friend who’s a tailor, so I can buy a good jacket at a thrift store and have it altered. :slight_smile:

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Your friend wouldn’t be Tommy Clemenza, perhaps. Would it? :wink:


Hah. I wish. But no, his name is Lufi. xD And I typically only use him for alterations, because getting a custom suit would be pricey as Hell, even if I only have to buy the materials.

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Here is my “Blood Money” Custom made suit re uploaded to this thread, surprisingly it wasn’t even close to being as expensive as the game suggests that it is ($5,000) I was able to have this made on a website for the quality price of less than £250. Both making it cheap and great in quality since the fitting is perfect and Italian fitted. :sunglasses:

Get your own “lethal elegance” today at https://www.itailor.com/designsuits/


Man, that suit really is nice. Can’t beat that price either! That’s a deal.

Definitely gonna look into them for future reference. Thanks for sharing! :ok_hand::smiley:

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You’re welcome, I was just as shocked as you was when I found out I could have my dream suit for a bargain price. This website is the best place for obscure suit designs, for example you could even recreate the “Hitman 2 Silent Assassin” suit which had a darker navy tone on it. The possibilities are endless it is as if Tommy Clemenza has his own website now. :grin::+1:


the official absolution jacket looks pretty spot on to me

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Yeah I’m definitely gonna be checking that site out in the future, that’s for sure!

@Dr_Pentone yeah, I already own the Absolution blazer, I got it off “Musterbrand” years back. I’d just like a another one, I really dig that red interior.

Also, just found this really cool “cable” style tie bar. As someone who’s favorite weapon in Hitman is the fiberwire, I’d really like to get this to add to my collection… the “Piano Man” approves! :ok_hand::sunglasses:


Looking to get back into my little project here…
@Purist @AlyMar1994 @Beldingford @Vinnie_Sinistra
Trying to find some more Hitman themed ties that I can get custom made. (Check the OP for what I’m looking for)

I found a couple more I had in mind.

A Corky the Clown tie design
(Someone think they could make a tie shape drawling with these designs and colors?.)




Vinnie Sinistra Tie design
(Orange tie, and yellow “starfish” design. *maybe some subtle purple stripes somewhere???)
Something similar to this…
And a Helmut Kruger color design

Inspector Albert Fournier’s tie

EZRA BERG aka “The Interrogator”
As for accessories, I found an actual cologne I’d like to add in my set.

for more Hitman themed designs. I could really use some fresh new ideas!