Lethal Poison Vial in Sapienza


hello. so the thing is i was looking for ages a location of the Lethal Poison Vial in the map. and never found it. then, after reading, i realised it should be unlocked on 10 mastery level (professional mode).

three questions than:

  1. the only way to get mastery 10 level in pro mode is to complete all missions besides the two requiring to poison Silvio and Francesca… so i have no other options to complete these two missions without completing all other 18 missions before?

  2. i have noticed on the gear section, that when i get mastery level 10, the only poison i get is antique Syringe. there is no mention of the vial. so, why is it?

  3. referring the previous question, if i use the antique Syringe, isn’t it just like the modern one? (i think they both can’t be used to complete the poisoning missions).

i’m sure i probably missing something. thank you for your help in advanced.


Lethal poison vial is an unlock. it’s the red bottle.

there’s no difference between the antique syringe and the modern one.


You don’t have to complete Pro mode to get a poison vial. It’s unlocked in Normal mode.


oh, so should i go back to normal mode and reach some level to get it?
usually, i play the first time in normal mode (forced to) and the moment i reach the ability to turn on the pro mode i moved to it.


Yes. Remember that you can find on all the unlocks somewhere in the main menu.


How do I unlock the lethal poison vial in Hitman with Hitman 2 plus Legacy pack, I liked it better the way it was before Hitman 2 changed things, is a lot more confusing and you dont get the lockpick as default. No big deal with the lockpick but the lethal poison vial is necessary and I dont know how to unlock it anymore.


you can either unlock the lethal vial in the legacy pack (I believe it’s either sapienza or paris mastery) or you can unlock lethal pills in one of Hitman 2’s missions. you can check the mastery tracks and their unlocks in the career menu


Yes I tried looking at the unlock menu (both mastery and challenges) and it doenst appear, I remember it was unlocked it sapienza before the legacy pack. Its not on paris or the prologe either. What I think happened is that you can still unlock it in sapienza but they forgot to put it on the unlockables list. I think.


It’s unlockable in Paris at level 15


Whittleton Creek is where you unlock in H2