Lethal syringe not in ghost mode


I’ve been trying to see if it is a bug that the lethal syringe isn’t showing up on ghost mode. I haven’t found anything that helps. So does any one know if it does show up… been trying for awhile


Lethal syringe, fiberwire, billiard ball, fish are not present in ghost crates anymore after February incomprehensible update.

Why would IOI bother touching the ghost crates loadouts at all? It was a great set from the start. Why to spoil it? You think you made it better? You’re badly mistaken. Those ghost crates are nearly useless now.
Bunch of crates are just repeat themselves and nothing to take from there. From the start is was a diversity of choice, and now it’s awful, almost everything is the same. If you want to change something, just add the items for rotation, not take old ones away fully.

Now it’s impossible to accomplish the Pianist and Tasteless Traceless challenges because of lack of a lethal poison and fiberwire in Ghost Mode.

And one last thing. While we here, why would you remove a record device from tunnels in January update? Personally I consider it a bug and reported it in Bug Thread

Please, give us back previous loadouts and this recording device back @Clemens_IOI @Travis_IOI


Well that sure explains a lot… yeah it sucks cause i literally have 3 challenges left in the whole game so there goes getting 100% today… i don’t know why they would take them out. They should have at least removed or changed the challenges


They shouldn’t take them away


Was it specifically just that recording device missing? There used to be a bug where if you played Miami in casual mode immediately before playing Ghost Mode, it would load GM in casual mode for you with no cameras, no recording devices etc.

Maybe that bug is back?


I don’t think so. Everything seems to be in order and in its’ places except this one device.
And non a word about it’s removal in patch notes and not a word from IOI staff about it.
It’s very strange. I don’t see the reason of removing only this one thing


I think they considered that CCTV recorder too easy to get to and destroy, which in fairness, it probably was. Going up to the top levels of the Kronstadt Expo Centre while in a trespassing disguise with the cameras still active is certainly tougher to do in a hurry.


You don’t say so. I’m pretty ok with the things are right now.
That device is not a problem for me. It’s just very strange. To be honest all the devices is pretty easy to reach and destroy. Why not to remove all of them then? For me it’s dumb.
At least they might’ve mentioned it in a patch notes and I wouldn’t say a word about it. But it was done completely silent…
P.S.: it’s the right moment to ask what exactly CCTV stands for


Actually I believe it was mentioned in the patch notes when they removed it, though I don’t have time to look into it right now to back that up.


Closed-Circuit Television, my dude.