Lets guess the celebrity Elusive Target

They have to top Sean Bean

My guesses are

Danny DeVito

Nicholas Cage

Samuel L Jackson (I think this is the best one)

Tobin Bell or Tony Todd (horror legends, would be incredible to see them)


Keanu Reeves, as John Wick


Nah, Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu :wink:.

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And no Elusive Targets for HITMAN 3 at all.
Bite me


Well we can see who’s favorite target is fun

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Christian Bale American Psycho style

I will absolutely bite you.

Imo while there have been flaws with how Elusive Targets were done, that means they need to be improved on to be better and not completely ditched.

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Indeed H2 didn’t get that many iirc, it mostly recycled H1 targets

Bob Dylan surely…

I got more.
Brad Pitt. (He shows up in whatever he’s a fan of, so it could happen)
John Cena (if you can see him)
Daniel Craig (007 vs 47)

Maybe a singer so that you could take them out on stage as one of the options. I’ll guess Dave 1 from Chromeo. (Mostly bc I love their music).

Wholesome 100 would be great for marketing buzz

Joe exotic or big Ed would be hilarious

However we saw only 6 brand new Elusive Targets, one per location, except Mumbai.
What is that rather than ditching?

Ah, yes, plus that unsolvable bug with awarding the suits.
They can’t reproduce it, so it questionably can be fixed even in HITMAN 3 (though I hope so)

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Yeah about that, remember when special assignments were discovered as dropped ETs? Hokkaido Snow Festival was recently found to be the same case as well. We were promised to get more ETs, but those missions served as additional paid contents eventually. Anyway, an off topic thing is I don’t want to see special assignments again in H3.

that for real, it’s confirm or not
:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Giving more targets and removing the bug with the suits is a very easy thing to do and solve

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Not of a good quality though.
I see those SA in HITMAN 3 but way better improved and thoughtful.
They are quite good alternative to Elusive Targets, but badly need an improvement.
Elusive Targets can be played only once, don’t forget, and only in limited time frame.
If you’re late buying the game or absent on vacation, you can’t get them repeatedly. Unless, unless they are reactivated. But we are not guaranteed of that. The only way out is a constantly repeating circle of reactivations. And here we have another problem. What to do with those who already eliminated (or failed) them? Either way they won’t have other chance. There is another way out of this - the complete reset of leaderboards and stuff (except awards, of course) before every reactivation circle.
This way the newcomers will have a guaranteed chance of obtaining suits and the old ones will have a chance to kill those ETs again, just for fun.
To be honest I see this as the only one possible way for Elusive Targets in HITMAN 3, because this is the final trilogy game. So we could have a chance to kill all 33+ Elusive Targets again and again and again

If it was that easy, they already would have done that

Agent Smith has to be in with a shout.

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Well you don’t actually know how video games are made then. Just because a thing could be done doesn’t mean it will be. There are different priorities and oversights. They saw the fan feedback we had on Hitman 2 ETs.