Let's Talk About Suits/Disguises


This thread is designated to the various Suits and Disguises 47 has worn or would of worn at one point throughout the series. This can from cut content, alpha/beta/pre-release builds/etc and of course any game too. I’d like to kick off this thread by talkong about The Phantom Suit.

The Phantom Suit despite being a re-colored Undying Suit is definitely one of my favourite suits in the game. The unlock behind this suit is a bit ludicrous, but i do enjoy rolling up to a Paris Fashion show wearing this beauty. I recommend this suit for the hardcore and dedicated players who are willing to put in the grind for this Suit. Assasination never looked so elegant. :slight_smile:

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it’s actually a recolored Undying Look, or maybe the Undying Look is a recolored Phantom suit :thinking:


Coincidence? I. Think. NOT!!!


It saddens me that most of 47’s suits have an open jacket. Completely ruins the lines of the suit if the jacket is blowing in the wind :frowning:


Since the public image of Undying Look appeared much more earlier, I would say Phantom Suit is an upgraded version of Undying Look.
To be honest, I like Phantom Suit a lot more


I already pointed out my pet peeve regarding the complete lack of cuff buttons on some of 47’s H2 suits (see this past forum post of mine). Another thing that has bothered me since day one of the first season is the missing waist covering and the Hermès-inspired belt peeking out from under the tuxedo jacket in Paris. I’m pretty sure the developers re-used the trouser model in Sapienza, which is perfectly fine given the casual Italian setting. With black tie, however, suspenders or adjustable side tabs and a waist covering (cummerbund or waistcoat) are the only elegant option, as any enthusiast of classic menswear will tell you. Incidentally, the Isle of Sgàil look is executed flawlessly, from the tasteful width of the peaked lapels on the ventless jacket to the cummerbund and silk stripe covering the side seams of the trousers. Sartorial perfection. :wink:


its actually just a recolored Absolution Suit, because its apparently too much work to design 1 new Suit.


Talking about suits, they should be seperated in different categories like the weapons:

Suits :necktie:
47’s slick suits with the classic tie. This not only includes the signature, BM and Abso suit, but also the undying suit, phantom suit and the all black suit along with all the other serious suits.

Starting suits :gloves:
This speaks for itselfs: all the starting suits with gloves unlocked via Elusive Targets. Think about tuxedo, summer suit, tactical suit, wetsuit, imperial classic and all the other suits.

Themed suits :santa:t3: :flamingo:
This one is needed the most. This category includes all the silly and themed suits Hitman 2 has to offer: Santa suit, flamingo suit, corky the clown, winter sports suit, raven suit, snow festival jacket, etc. These suits are currently scattered around the actual slick suits, and they don’t fit in with the rest. They really need their own category! When in a silly mood you can easily take your pick without having to scroll through all the suits to find them in between two serious suits.

I trust IOI can make this happen in the best way possible. They also did a great job on the weapon inventory!

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No, Absolution is a different model, it has a different mesh and far better textures and detailing. Both Phantom and Undying is just recolored H2 Signature suit with added tie bar from Absolution suit, that’s it.


Thanks @cakeblock941 @misterkiller and @LordShaw I’ll be sure to change my OP to match your claim.

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Ahh, someone else than me bothered by that goddamn belt on Paris tux. Such a basic faux pas. :joy:

I just wish that the Sgail tux would have the same hi-res textures like the Paris tux has, then i would not wear anything else.


also, people don’t comment on your tux with the tux/mask on. they only comment if you wear the Paris tux :^(

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Yess! They react like i have a regular red tie on with Sgail tux.
You know what, i found this guard line in the soundfiles:

"I think you're at the wrong party, man. You looking for some dodgy eyes wide shut orgy, aren't you, ya pervert."

I think that’s supposed to go with the masked tuxedo, but never found anyone, who would use it on me in-game. :cry: :disappointed_relieved: It’s such a beautiful line.

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I didn’t like the Phantom suit from the images of it, but after unlocking it I’ve come to really like it. Very much looking forward to the Undying suit, too.


The only thing between Players and The Unlock is 100 Unnoticed Kills and Tedious Running Back and Forth. 47/10 worth it for the dedicated players.


The driving gloves will haunt me forever. Why must you be like this, IOI?

And I personally like the way the suits are all in a single category, serves as a trophy room of sorts as you move through them, plus I don’t think there’s enough suits in the game to make categorization a necessity, whereas with weapons it was a very welcome QoL improvement.
Perhaps later on when we build 47’s wardrobe further, but I don’t see the need now.

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How do you get the undying suit?


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