Let's talk about the Targets in Hitman 2


With the almost absolute certainty that Sierra Knox, Kowloon Team, Sports Media, and Moses Lee’s fans will be enforcers… unless we wear his racing helmet.


Enforcer’s in Hitman not always make sense. Nobody in “The Author” noticed that Craig Black lost his mustache or that the Hospital Director in “Situs Inversus” suddenly turned into a Caucasian.

If they keep the Enforcer mechanic, I’m certain that at least some members of the Kowloon Team will see through the disguise. As for Sierra Knox, I think there may been an opportunity where 47 can disguise himself as Moses and talk to her. Obviously that would mean that she’s either not an enforcer or that 47 has to use a blend in spot while interacting with her.


Do we know who’s targeting them?


This has to do with the targets in Sniper Assassin…

But when they mention the Shamal Hotel and Casino heist… (maybe I just overlooked it) but did that happen before or after the events of A House Of Cards in BM? I’m guessing before…?

Because it said Lang left the “Yard Birds” shortly after that heist gone bad and then Kavlin Ritter was killed in… 1998? So it has to be before, no?


Never really thought about it, but that makes sense. Definitely happened long before “A House of Cards”.


Yeah, I thought so…

I love the fact that they mention that. I just love in general how IO ties different Hitman games together. All about the details and IO certainly delivers in that category.


Agreed. I never would’ve thought that anything from the Ritter mission would come up again and here we are.

Also is it just me or are the Yardbirds are shout out to the Payday Gang?


I didn’t know who they were until I looked them up just now lol but yes, I can see what you mean.

So we’re meant to believe… how many members are there total in the Yard Birds? Five right?

  • You got the client for the mission who was the founder.

  • Kalvin Ritter (deceased)

  • Lang

  • Maison

  • Doris


I think so. The briefing also showed five people at the buried treasure. Interestingly they’re all white, while the Ritter from the Trainings Mission was black.


Oh wow, I didn’t even catch that. Good eye! Little oversight on IO’s part I guess.


Or the actor used was just a black guy (in the training mission). I saw the same so I thought of this as a “solution”.


That could be possible but he was still Barbadian so he was most likely black.


No I meant Knox and her father. Not Lee.


If already posted this in the Announcement discussion but I think it’s safe to say that Alma Reynard is indeed a target. In the mission briefing for Miami Diana mentions that the ICA has analyzed the data from her laptop. So the previous mission probably involved killing her and taking her laptop.

Interestingly the briefing also mentions that Kronstadt supplied Jin Po with weapons he used to kill peaceful protestors. There’s even a picture showing him in a military uniform. That doesn’t mean that he’s another target, but it increases the likelihood of it. Personally I wouldn’t mind some dictator murdering. Bonus points if we get to kill Tren, too. (Yes I know that he can already be killed in Paris, but Brother Akram also appeared in “The Source” and still became a target in “The Author”.


It would make sense, because the Pair of Knoxes are said to be Providence defectors - Following up on the implication from the H6 ending that the ICA is working with/for Providence now. Since Reynard was Sean Rose’s girlfriend and part of the Shadow Client’s militia, I knew she’d make an appearance eventually.

I’d prefer it if she were to be more of a “rival” character who hunts you during a mission or something, like a more advanced version of the mysterious assassin in Blood Money - But a regular target is fine too.


She probably doesn’t even has a weapon… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Somehow I don’t think we get to kill both Pos. Right now it seems like the father could be a target.


Well there’s already gameplay and a briefing video that shows both Robert and Sierra Knox as targets, so its basically confirmed now.


He’s talking about Po family,not Knox family


Ahhh OK. I thought he was referring to the Knoxes as Pieces of Shit. Heh