Let's talk about the Targets in Hitman 2


What I have found most interesting in HITMAN ONE is that for the most part every organization or significant NPC had their reasons for doing what they do… which ironically is the same reason 47 does what he does.

It’s good for business. In that strange way everybody in the World of Assassination is some version of a “POS”.


That was epic in blood money if you fell for it, I did, think I called it a night after shouting at the TV but it was a good edition, I’m pretty sure she done a backflip and stabbed you, it was weird but cool lol

Having to contend with a rival in some missions would be fun, defo gets my vote :slight_smile:


In the Miami briefing, Dianna mentions info from Reynard’s laptop. I vaguely remember Reynard being mentioned by the militia in Colorado. Guessing the level prior to Miami has you kill this Reynard fellow and hack his computer.

For some reason, my gut tells me Reynard is the Sean Bean character.

So that’s one level where 47 is targeting two Providence defectors and another where he is targeting allies of the Shadow Client. Consequently, I maintain that Olivia (the hacker chick from the Colorado cutscene) will also be a target, possibly in the same level as Reynard.

I am thinking maybe the first level of Hitman 2 will be in England, as that is where Olivia is in the cutscene and it would work with my completely unsupported ‘Sean Bean is Reynard’ theory.


Pretty sure Reynard is a woman.


Yes. She is Sean Rose’s girlfriend.


Gah. This might be why I’m not an ace detective.


Kronstadt develops next gen military tech

34 Confirmed Dead

Tungan Valley Massacre


By Steven Morris

TUNGAN VALLEY. Estranged daughter of Robert Knox, Sierra Knox wasn’t deaft the best of cards from her early childhood. Her mother died due to (…)


Sierra Knox

Sierra Knox graduated from Harvard business school and, without telling her father, secured a job with Kronstadt Industries, diligently working her way to the top of the financial department, finally interviewing for the position of CEO with her somewhat surprised father.

Sierra Knox is currently highly invested in the Kronstadt racing team and is the company’s lead driver in the innovation race. She’s won the race multiple times and is expected to bring home the trophy again. Growing up with a Father who always worked, Sierra developed a somewhat reckless personality, always trying to out-do everyone else - including her old man. At age of 17, she was deeply involved with competitive short distance running and, worried that she might loose to her high school competitor, paid a man to ensure the competitor didn’t run that afternoon. The competitor was chained to a wheelchair for the rest of her life while Sierra won the race easily. The tactic is one she would use again and again to get the upper hand in both athletics and life in general.

Sierra has been instrumental in developing the money-earning side of the family business, and she has secured many deals with foreign nationals, including a very controversial decision to field test robot materiel in the field in several rogue nations, while the loss of civilian life was never formally assigned as collateral damage following those tests, leaked internal reports suggest as much.

Sierra suffers from a serious inferiority complex in relation to her father. Always trying to prove herself to him but often coming up short, she is uncertain about whether he truly cares for her or not. Her insecurity causes her to set out, often irrationally or violently, and she is known for her lifestyle of working hard and partying even harder.

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Oh cool! Maybe in this mission we can make her to lose the race then somehow make her lash out and kill her father.


This could perhaps be included in future Sierra Knox wiki? Original text has repeated paragraphs, the above is an edited version, let me know if you want the original as well.


I like targets figuring out there deepest darkest secrets like how Silvio killed his mother in a fit of rage I wonder if we are going to find stuff like in HITMAN 2


Now we will hear of the targets mother is sexually abusing a male target, so he is so insecure that he needs to act extremely masculine. But he cannot be taken seriously by anyone and beacause of that has some extreme mood swings.


It makes me think of this mission of BM : Murder of the Crows. The lovers became very agressive when they found out that one of them was killed (like when you showed up in front of Mason with Kulinsky disguise). It was realistic and added a funny mechanic in the gameplay.

Maybe in this case Sierra would go berserk if she learned that her father died (in a tragic accident of course), through her earpiece. She would miss a turn and sayonara the Knox family…


causing a target to commit suicide would be very interesting.


You need to be pretty careful with things like that though. You were able to drive someone with bipolar to suicide in Hokkaido and I found it quite tasteless.


there’s like 3 instances of suicide in 2016. jeff, yellow shirt guy, and the curator. tbh they all felt like it was just a way to check off “dark deaths” on the game’s checklist. if we are able to drive a target to suicide in a way that’s not shallow like the others, i think it’ll be fine.

imo they don’t need to be careful with much, as long as it’s not stereotypical or feels lighthearted in a sense.


Yeah, I guess it was more the “drive person with bipolar to suicide by stopping their emotion regulating device” thing.

Felt like they didn’t really think that one through.


yeah, would have been enough when he just walks outside and stare in the Distance or smokes.


I’ll be like “go commit toaster bath”


In the trailer I saw you can kick Robert knox onto the race track so I’m thinking if you could time it so he lands in his daughter vehicle causing her to crash I hope IoI thought of something like that


IO is smart enough to include a double kill like that.