Letter to Hitmanforum

Dear everyone,

I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer operate Hitmanforum in a way that I would like. I find that my real life responsibilities are taking more of my time, and that I have become less invested in the online community (and gaming in general).

I’ve tried to compensate for some of that by choosing Discourse as a self-regulating platform for civil discussion. However, even Discourse requires moderation and attention.

Financially, the patreon donations do not seem to sustain the upkeep of a managed Discourse instance in the long term. I would like to see Hitmanforum independent (paid for by patrons) and advertisement-free, however the truth is that this is not sustainable if I can not put in the time attend to things like moderation or system operations.

I believe that Hitmanforum deserves someone who can give it full attention, and I feel that I can no longer do that, so I have decided to transfer the ownership of the site to @Jarbinger. I’ve worked with and trusted him with hitmanforum for as long as I can remember. He has the experience and technical know-how to run a place like hitmanforum. In fact one could say that he has already been doing so for years :wink:

I’ll still be a member of the forum, but I won’t be responsible anymore. Over the next few days I’ll be transferring full control to him.

I love Hitmanforum and am so grateful for the past seventeen years and want to thank you all for sticking with me all this time.

I have had so much fun and met so many wonderful people through this community.
I’m also very happy that the Hitman games are popular as ever and thriving. I’ll never forget you. Thank you all! and see you around!



Thank you Ampburner for all you’ve done. I know Jarbinger will do a great job in your stead.


Thank you for maintaining this forum for all these years. All the best to you, you deserve it.


Thanks, @ampburner for keeping this place alive for all these years. Good luck with life and see you on the forum!


Thank You @ampburner for making such a great place for Hitman fans and controlling it for years.
Good luck in Your life adventures!

Congratulations to @Jarbinger. I think Hitmanforum will be in good hands.


I havn’t been on here that long but it is a very well run and well maintained forum. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you’ve spent into this place.


Seventeen years :open_mouth:

Thanks so much amp for making the best Hitman forum ever who has became the reference for developers and fans all over the world!!

Take care and good luck for the next <3


Thank you for your years of hard work!


Thank you for maintaining this forum for so long!


That’s a long old time to have been running this forum for. Thanks for your hard work dude.


Thank you @ampburner and thank you for trying your best to keep this forum up and running all this year and thank you for not shutting this forum down and instead for closing it you are giving it to someone else who can continue to run the forum that we like so much, i’m more than sure @Jarbinger can handle the forum and like you said he have been taking care of this forum a long time and thanks to @Jarbinger who want this forum to exist and will try to keep the forum up and running :grinning:.
Maybe @Jarbinger will lock your status as a regular, you deserve at least that for all you have done :wink:.
Take care @ampburner you are truly a great guy :grinning:.


A salute to a long time loyal member, one can only imagine the struggles.


@ampburner was not a member, he owned this forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, but after @Jarbinger takes over, then @ampburner will be a member.


Thanks for everything Amp, the fact that you managed to keep this place ad-free and such an enjoyable forum to be around for so long speaks volumes not only about your character but your love of the franchise too …it’s a testament to you that you’ve “kept it classy” … just like 47.

Wish you all the best in your personal life going forwards.


Gotcha, incredible that he was owner but not member. Thats dedication.


Well he used this forum like the rest of us, but in the later years he hasn’t been here very often, but yes he still tried his best to keep this forum up and running :grinning: and i agree that’s pretty impressive.

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Once a member, always a member :clap:t2::clap:t2:


Safe travels Amp and thanks for helping create my favorite forum to visit. Congrats on the promotion Jarbinger!


Thank you for everything @ampburner and all best wishes for the future! Congratulations @Jarbinger.

Looking forward to the (hopefully) next 17 Years with you Guys! :smiley:


@ampburner Thank you for all you have done for this forum, for me it have always been my home on the internet, my base and a place for great discussions. Also It was a pleasure meeting you back at the IO event and will you still be to find on the forum or are you going to move forward?

Cheers mate