Level Design Lingo

So after watching the no-clip documentaries we learned the terms io uses to describe different types of infiltration areas and target types in order to add more variety. Correct me if I’m wrong (and feel free to fill in gaps) but the terms we have currently are:

Fortress- The majority of a map which has limited but some access in one’s suit E.G: Paris and Bangkok

Snail House- A completely restricted building however which focuses more on the surrounding areas and infiltration E.G: Villa Caruso

Roamer- A target which can be seen in a variety of public and private areas usually visible in the beginning of the level E.G: Novikov and Martinez

Dweller- A target which remains in a restricted and hard to access area unless manipulated to do otherwise E.G: Margolis and Robert Knox

I know the descriptions are pretty shoddy but I felt the need to gather some of the level design terms :slight_smile:


I know of the “graybox”, which is pre-textured space. But I guess that’s pretty obvious.

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Maybe this would get more resonance if discussed in the noclip documentary thread directly.
But here are some more, if pretty broad ones:

Swiss cheese model - maps (and scenarios) are designed in a way to avoid dead ends and always give the player multiple paths to follow from a given point
Drama - a scripted event that a character gets involved in after certain triggers

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