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Call me crazy but I’m really digging the new Hitman game with its Bondesque theme. This is merely an idea but I would like to see a Diamonds Are Forever, Whyte House/Circus, Circus sort of mod as an alternative to “A House of Cards”. I mean think about it. The target is the Sheikh, but instead he owns the Casino and the keycard to the top floor is in the hands of one of his bodyguards who was given it is assigned to find the dealer and take him upstairs (of course the guard can be taken out). The dealer wanders around the Casino and Hotel so that there are multiple opportunities to take him out but, he only hangs around very public areas. Once he stops mucking about in the Casino, he finally goes up to his room where 47 has the opportunity to close the lights and kill him as he goes to get the briefcase full of the chemicals (Traditions of The Trade sort of situation but with less Fuchs’ and more ways to complete the mission). You can even pose as the dealer The leather jacket guy is an associate with the dealer but he’s very drunk and betting the money away. You can A, go head to head with him at the tables or B, find the briefcase full of money so that there won’t be any money to do the deal with. The partner can find out about it if you lead him there, causing him to freak out, get the money and do the deal. If you choose to be the partner you will be made, so you will have to recover both briefcases or miss out on the extra money. Sometimes if you don’t interrupt the leather jacket guy he might win, or lose at the tables resulting to him being in a backroom beaten up by casino security. The briefcase can be recovered from the chips room but it is very heavily guarded. I hope that IO hears about this.

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I wrote a level for this:

Hitman: Stray Bullets

Episode 3: House of Games.

Las Vegas, Nevada. 9:30 AM.

Targets: The Sheik and the Businessman.

Good morning, 47. Your destination is the luxurious Tigress Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. It has gained a reputation for its beauty and variety of games. However, dark secrets lay beneath The Tigress.

Your target is Sheik Abbaas el-Ameen, the casino’s wealthy owner. el-Ameen is renowned as a successful businessman and philanthropist. However, this is all a cover for the Sheik’s true nature. el-Ameen is a remorseless murderer, connected to multitude of terrorist groups and criminal organisations, such as Crystal Dawn and the Delgado Cartel. We would usually let old wounds heal but ICA operatives have been disappearing in areas where he has been operating. And we know who to blame.

You will also have to deal with former Cross Holdings CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) Ian Havelock. A master manipulator and cutthroat climber, Havelock had tore down his colleagues and ruined the lives of his rivals. After his successful career, Havelock retired and became a high roller at The Lion. He gambled compulsively and joined el-Ameen’s criminal network in a last-ditch effort to not lose everything he had. Ian Havelock comes across as a charming and elegant gentleman. But make no mistake, Havelock can be your best friend for a moment and call a hit on you with no remorse in the next.

The casino would be heavily guarded, and Sheik el-Ameen is unlikely to make a public appearance. Ian Havelock would be wandering around the casino floor, playing games and drinking. The targets have highly trained bodyguards and would flee in the first sign of danger, so be careful. I will leave you to prepare.

In-game brief:
Welcome to Las Vegas, 47. Ian Havelock had just arrived at the Tigress. The businessman would be having a meeting with el-Ameen but should partake in some of the casino’s activities. We do not know the meeting location. The casino is highly guarded and surveilled. Proceed at your discretion.

The map is similar to Bangkok, a large building with limited surroundings. It starts off with 47, dressed in a gold tuxedo, getting out of his car in front of the casino. Subsequently, Ian Havelock’s chauffeur-bodyguard accidentally rams your car with his limousine. Havelock gets out, scolds his driver and apologises to you. 47 lets go of the matter quickly.

First Floor: When you enter the casino, you would come across a reception desk. If you talk to the receptionist, you can check into Room 47. You can explore the other 49 hotel rooms, but aside from Havelock’s room at 32, there is little to nothing to do in there. There is also a restaurant on the first floor and of course, the games. There is poker, blackjack, slots, everything.

Second Floor: Here is where the hotel rooms are. Some are occupied, some have goodies but they aren’t really useful.

Third Floor: el-Sameen’s lair/suite. The Sheik has a swimming pool, personal bar and a harem of belly dancers (some slaves from Fiend Order).

Target Info:
Sheik Abbaas el-Ameen:
Backstory: Abbaas el-Ameen was born in Somalia to a middle class family. When he was 9, his family migrated to America and despite facing discrimination, started a lucrative real estate company. el-Ameen worked hard and graduated from university with a degree in economics. However, one day, his home was set on fire by the KKK, killing his mother, injuring his father and burning their possessions away. el-Ameen used the insurance to further invest in his company, eventually becoming one of the world’s richest billionaires.

Despite his success, el-Ameen loathes America, blaming her for his mother’s death, and sought to destroy America or recreate it. After his father’s death from brain cancer, he started funding terrorist groups and criminal organisations so they could terrorise America. Even his casinos were part of his master plan, as they are to blame for recent economic depressions in Nevada. el-Ameen covered himself up by donating money to orphanages and environmental causes.

el-Ameen is an evil genius, who would stoop to any low and rise to any challenge to achieve his goals.

Appearance: The Sheik dresses in a white suit, with a red and gold headdress. He has a dark skin tone, has a thin frame and speaks in an African accent.

Route: el-Ameen loops around his suite, staying there unless called down.

Ian Havelock:
Backstory: Ian Havelock is a classic corporate climber. Born to airline owner Edwin Havelock, he led a luxurious life and graduated from Cambridge with a degree in business. He was college roommates with Edward Campbell. Anyway, Havelock was picked up by Cross Holdings and made his way up to the top. After his father mysteriously died from poison, Havelock inherited the money and bribed, bartered and blackmailed his way up to the top. After he became the Chief Revenue Officer of his company, Havelock finally was content and kept the job, occasionally silencing a rival.

Havelock’s life was changed after Jordan Cross’s death. Thomas Cross went mad, firing his workers before he fatefully attended the funeral. Havelock was shocked and upset but had enough money to retire early. He started gambling in The Tigress but soon fell into debt. Al-Sameen offered him a job and Havelock took it. He was surprised by the work, but not horrified, having been in criminal circles before.

Ian Havelock comes across as a charming and elegant gentleman. But make no mistake, Havelock can be your best friend for a moment and call a hit on you with no remorse in the next.

Appearance: Havelock wears a blue suit with a red tie, has jet-black hair and chiseled features. His bodyguard is Adrien Robert from The Showstopper.

Route: Havelock would start off entering the casino with his bodyguard. After playing the games and drinking some wine, he checks in and would retire to his room for a while before returning to the casino area.

Kill opportunities:
Settling the Debt: el-Sameen wants to meet up with high roller Darrel Fulton so he could get back $200,000 he loaned him. You can emetic poison Fulton, subdue him, get his clothes and have the meeting in el-Sameen’s suite. During the meeting, you would have the chance to push him off the balcony.
Fiendish Gals: You can manipulate el-Sameen’s harem (who are mistreated, underpaid and some even slaves) into drowning the Sheik in the pool.
Too Much to Drink: If you are dressed as a bartender, you can abuse Havelock’s alcoholism and get him drunk. Havelock would then stumble to the tables and fight with the patrons. In the fight, he would slam his skull onto the table, breaking his brain.
High Rolled Over: Dressed in your suit, you can play cards with Havelock. If you play it right, Havelock would lose and would talk to you in private in the hotel lobby. He will yell and threaten you before storming off. When he is walking back to the casino, you can drop the giant coin decoration on him.
The Sheik’s call: To call el-Sameen to the casino or restaurant, you would need to sneak into Havelock’s room and call the Sheik from his phone. If el-Sameen goes down to the casino, you can crush them with a chandelier.
Havelock’s Call: To call Havelock to the suite or restaurant, you would need to sneak into el-Sameen’s suite and call Havelock from his phone. If both meet in the restaurant, they would have a dinner and you can lethal poison their food. If Havelock goes up to the suite, the two would toast at the bar, the glasses you could have poisoned.

Fall from Grace: Push Sheik Abbas el-Sameen off the balcony.
Fuched up: Drown Sheik Abbas el-Sameen.
Bad Girls, They Gonna Do: Manipulate the harem into drowning Sheik Abbas el-Sameen.
Head Cracked Up: Eliminate Ian Havelock by having the patrons beat him.
Oh Craps! Crush Ian Havelock with the Coin decoration.
_Ele-grator:_Suck Ian Havelock or Sheik Abbas el-Sameen into elevator machinery.
Taking A Gamble: Disguise yourself as Darrel Fulton.
The Taxi Man Can: Escape in a Taxi.
New Car: Escape in the limousine.
Old Car: Escape in your fixed car.

Havelock’s limo (you would need to get the car key from his guard).
Sheik’s helicopter (highly guarded).
Your own car (get a hanyman’s disguise to fix it without arousing suspicion).

Disguises: Suit, casino worker, casino guard, Havelock’s guard, waiter, bartender, chef, handyman, Darrel Fulton.