Level Ideas for H3 and Future Seasons

I thought it’d be fun for people to suggest level ideas for future Hitman seasons.

Who knows? Maybe someone at IO will see our ideas and be inspired. Based on their updates, they do seem to be taking fan feedback seriously (which I greatly appreciate – and hope they continue to do because there are some really good suggestions here and across the web).

I’ll start by proposing a “bullet train” level. The entire hit would occur on board a high-speed train in, say, Germany. This level would be necessarily smaller and more linear than most, but it would present some fascinating challenges for both the game designers and the players as 47 has to use extreme ingenuity and dexterity to navigate through, over and past numerous confined carriages packed with passengers and armed guards. And I’m sure the constantly changing scenery would look amazing.


I’d like to see all the levels from blood money brought back and made bigger


I would love to see House of Cards (that was the casino level, right?) done properly. More than 3 floors and a casino that actually had a purpose.

I did tweet the Hitman account about the possibility of remade levels, and it came up at Pax too: it isn’t likely, unfortunately.


The trailer that was released prior to game launch made me think it would be cool to have a level set in an airport. It would probably have to be a finale or something though, because the level of security would be substantially higher than some posh guy’s mansion.


I would like to see a snowy ski resort where you can ride / blow up a cable car or cause an avalanche to kill target.


Some really good ideas already.

I think a theme park would be cool. Not an abandoned theme park, a la the Arkham Batman games, but an actual, functioning theme park in the middle of the day. Just imagine all of the opportunities for accident kills. Your target is going to wish he didn’t get on that roller-coaster, or stand too close to the killer whale tank in the sea-life centre. lol

Wait … do they have sea-life centres in theme parks?

Theme park and zoo/“Sea World”. Those might be good for two separate levels.


A Death on Mississippi-esque boat mission where after a certain amount of time passes it reaches shore at a party or something, or they could just remake Mississippi and Death Do Us Part like this. Both targets would start on the boat and would be less surrounded by guards once they reached shore.

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Casino, airport, snow ski resort, theme-park, I wouldn’t say no to those, good examples indeed. Personally I would like to have a mission on a boat again, cruise ship, not only can you make a fantastic view, but that feeling after leaving the harbor, knowing that no one can escape :), and you can just freely walk around exploring this luxury of a boat. This image below is good enough to make the fantasy going.


Maybe a movie theater mission? The target could be watching a movie, and you can assassinate him somehow… Similar to the Abraham Lincoln assassination, but in modern times of corse.

47 could dress up as a usher or food stand attendant poison soda or popcorn maybe. Maybe the target has some secret footage 47 can obtain in the mission and play in on the projector for everyone to see? That could be a way to lure out the target as well. Idk just a thought lol


47 goes to the Summer Olympics to kill a high profile athlete. Make it happen.


Already been done…Raymond Kulinsky :wink:


If we haven’t seen 47 in skintight running gear then it doesn’t count… :grinning:


Lol too bad we couldn’t disguise ourselves as the jogger in “a new life” :laughing:


Skip to 1:11
Sounds like he’s saying "Dough-Nut man"
Have a target in contracts mode in Sapienza, named “Donut Man” and have a challenge where you have to “Find 47 ways”…to kill him :doughnut::older_man:t3:


I’m not much for big crowds and missions taking place around ‘events’ like shows or festivals. A rainy nighttime city area with lots of alleyways, corridors and apartments would be cool to see. Think something like the Triad missions but with the current engine.


How about a level set in a prison? 47 starts outside and has to get in, kill targets, then get out. Targets could be the warden in his office, a prisoner in solitary confinement or a prisoner in the main cellblock. Unique weapon could be a shiv. Could go into office and swap paperwork so your target is executed instead of another. You could mess with the power on the electric chair or steal the lethal injection syringe and administer it yourself. Dress as a guard, dress as a prisoner, dress as a visitor or a priest, etc…


1.) A renaissance fair. It’s something we haven’t seen before and would result in some new and unusual disguises. How about dressing as executioners and turning a fake execution in a real on? Or killing your target dressed as black knight? Or pushing him down a castle wall into a hay cart while dressed in a white monk robe? The opportunities are endless.

2.) A cult town/ composed like Jonestown. Barb wire, guard towers, people in funny robes. 47 could infiltrate the area by pretending to be a new member and walk around the crowd without suspicion. Then he has to infiltrate the mansion of the Cult leader but for that he need the robes worn by the higher ranking cult members… Another unique location we haven’t seen before, although I’m not sure if it would be a bit to linear for this game.


Both those ideas would be cool. Maybe a sci fi convention instead of a renaissance faire, both would be awesome. :smiley:


I would like to see more levels that goes for the ultra modern style environments, we saw only a glimpse of that kind of thing in the Absolution’s prologue. And I feel the old vintage style buildings are played out now for the series.


I don’t want to see a remake of old levels. Especially not Blood Money. It’s a waste of resources when they can bring the franchise forward instead. Take the remakes in contracts: every single one of them is inferior to the one in C47. And when you compare them to contracts’ original levels, like Beldingford Manor, The Meat King’s Party or Hunter and Hunted they’re really a step below. I can only imagine how much better contracts would have been with original levels instead. IF they choose to remake a level, they should really expend on it.

I like the idea of a ski resort. I’d also love to see a proper nightclub. For example the level in America could take place in a small city the scale of Sapienza and you’d have to take out an entire gang (bikers?). The boss would sit in his office on the top floor of the nightclub playing cards, the playboy of the gang would be on the dancefloor. The surrounding buildings would offer sniping spots. There would also be more members scattered around the city. In a tattoo parlor, a shitty motel, a bar… That would be a great change from the expansive settings we’re used to at this point. Also the targets need to be fleshed out and have distinctive personalities. This is the only way multiple targets missions can work IMO.