Level Ideas for H3 and Future Seasons

For Episode 2 a criminal target story <3

This will be a long post…

1: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
2: Cochem (Germany)
3: Lindos (Greece)
4: Johannesburg (South Africa)
5: Bern (Switzerland)
6: Ibiza (Spain)


1: Streets with bridges and canals, grab a tourist boat to get to the target.
2: Large canal house, this has been transformed into a luxury House. is secured and the target is very well guarded.
3: Nightclub with brothels, here is a woman caught 47 must release.
4: Church to the canals, a perfect sniper location…
5: seventeenth century musseum, a VOC ship at the musseum with a canon that can shoot his target in 47 the Canal House. to 47 must dress up as a voc captain. There are also a katana on board.
6: Several shopping streets including, Restaurants, tourist shops, sex shop, a shop with at the top of a weed plantation used by your target.


1: Beerhall, a great hall full with people you can poison there drinks… and target.
2: Small hotel, in the hotel are a number of opportunity’s.
3: Castle, Here are all kinds of possible accidents, even swords are there to find and 47 can hide in a harness. You can at your target coming through with a tour to go along. in the upper Chambers is a secret passageway, in this room is a small window where 47 an ideal sniper location.
4: Village, in the village there are several shops and restaurants with a Fountain.
5: wijnproeverij, een groot oud gebouw waar toeristen wijn kunnen proeven hierachter staan diverse soorten stukken tuin met kleinen muurtjes, ook een wijnplantage.
Onder het gebouw bevind zich een wijnkelder met daarbij een weedplantage/drugslab.
6:grote toeristenboot. op dit schip kunnen diverse soorten dranken worden geschonken met een vergif natuurlijk, ook ideaal voor contracts.


1: Beautiful villa with your target in it, beautiful gardens is a question with many surveillance of course.
2: Donkey stable, in this stable you can find objects as a shovel or rake.
3: Small tight streets with white facades and many hidden opportunities and accidents.
4: Cave containing an XTC lab, and a pit with murdered people.
5: Beautiful harbor with a number of restaurants, terraces and small hotel with pool, 47 can also sneak in.
6: Ruin/Castle, also here on the mountain a good sniper location for 47. at the ruin is a well that suffer to the XTC lab the well stands at an olive garden.


1: High apartment block where a Director must commute, 47, in the flat is an elevator and it is difficult to get to.
2: Police station, bypass them and disable the security.
3: Casino
4: Large forest, here you can kill many targets.
5: Large Hotel
6: Large sqaure.


1: Groote mansion, with garage, pool, Garden, Marina for all your needs. Also has the target here waiters, cleaners, gardeners, security guards all there but exists to serve him.
2: Party tent, near the village of is a marquee where 47 anyone can poison.
3: Hotel, at this hotel is a small swimming pool, bar, and several can through an Ivy plant 47 rooms on the roof.
4: The dj set, there comes a criminal dj occur in ibiza 47 must stop him, through accident or to catch him at the dj set.
Because the mansion is so big there is no more space for they others.

My fantasy it will be cool and every point is realistic. if its not happend in episode 2 then 3 :smiley:
I am looking forward to your locations :smile:


@Drebin That would be a lot fun, they already did the Whitehouse in Blood Money, they should make it a regular feature to have a famous government building of some kind in each game. I’d enjoy that anyway.

@screamingmeat I had thought about this! It would need to be a huge, multi-leveled aeroplane though, I’m not sure if they could make it big enough without making it seem silly and fake, otherwise the map would be tiny.

This. Amazing idea, and 47 would be able to dress as a cowboy too. Ooh, and there could be a showdown/duel! Other reenactments would be fun too, like those murder mystery parties in large mansions - would have an ironic twist.

Interesting to see so many people into the idea of a Prison, they should do that for sure. I love the Hotel settings in general, the bigger, the better - so a huge Cruise ship would be great! The ship in Blood Money was a bit small.

Awesome ideas peeps, keep it up! I was expecting my thread to get buried and ignored :smiley:


That’s a great idea. Kill everyone but Miss Marple :smile:



Good morning 47,
Your target is Walid al Hakiri, a terrorist convicted of many crimes against the United States of America. The (insert fake middle eastern country name) navy is holding him in protection and harbouring a deadly terrorist. The CIA have contacted us to do all the heavy lifting and bring him to them knocked out, they aren’t doing the work themselves to avoid political conflict with the already sour and hot relations between the two nations. You also must assassinate the four top ranking officers on the ship. Target one is Admiral Khalid el Chemma, captain of the ship and corrupt government official. Target two is Lt. Ahmed Ghonsi a brutal and unforgiving second in command. Target three is Michael Rosenberg, ex CIA and the one who turned Mr al Hakiri over to (insert fake middle eastern country name). Target four is Karim Abbas, chief engineer on the ship, retrieve the shut down code and initiate it before you leave to render the ship useless,
Good luck 47, also, Agent Smith will be taking al Hakiri off your hands, I’m sure you know him very well…


I would like the missions to have a certain connection to reality.

Since you seem to suggest that the missiln would take place in an arab aircraft carrier, but no middle-east arab nation has any aircraft carrier, I would say no to this mission; and I would do so quite loudly.

I think a hit at a racetrack would be awesome. Perhaps a Formula One. I’m not suggesting we be able to tamper with the cars or create mad crashes. The driver should not be a target. It would just be awesome to have to sneak into the paddock club to take out some big shot. The mission could have an actual timer. Once the race is over the target will leave. At any point you could watch the cars go round and round. It would really get me feeling like I was in an elite world.

The issues would be the 100,000 + people who attend these things. Perhaps we would only have access to the infield with the VIP paddock club. The main stands could just be animated or something. I dunno.


Monaco? That’d be awesome.

Horse race could be good too. Or the Grey Hounds somewhere in Essex. :smile:


For Istanbul and war zones, just go play marrakech and pretend it is Istanbul😂


I suppose you never saw Istanbul or even a picture of it. Totally different. For war zone I mean a real one, wuth two fighting armies, not just a little protest

Well. The game is set in 2019 and around mid 2020 on S2. Games are an alternate reality not a simulation of a country’s power. Where’s the outcry of people saying the Morrocan military do not carry M4 type rifles?


One of the rifles they use is an M16A1, so the M4 isn’t too far off.

Fun (semi) Fact: Sales of the latter are expected to exceed the former by (funnily enough) 2020. :smile:

Really like the ideas. What would you like for the Bern Mission. I’m from Bern…Thats why I’m very interested in that.:slight_smile:

They mostly use various AK’s and copy’s of AK’s because they’re cheaper to mass purchase. M16A1 jams a lot as proven on the Vietnam conflict.

So when someone get’s voted out, they die? :smiley:
I’d like that!

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:notes:I BLESS THE RAINS :notes:

I think that’s an understatement :joy: More like it just doesn’t fire after the first bullet :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh, my respect for you increased by 900% because of that :stuck_out_tongue:

Well played, JJ.

Be honest it always was :wink:

And you want to know the best and weirdest part when I saw that? The song was playing on my discord. :joy:

@ICA I think you’ll be interested in my future project :wink:

Nice man! Definitely interested! Would be a cool HITMAN level! Seems like you are progressing, any plans for the project?

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Perfect for Twitch and Elusives!

In the Southern eras they do. Up north it’s apparently G3s and M16A1s. Point is, it’s not all that far-fetched.