Level Ideas for H3 and Future Seasons


Holy shit that was amazing! Very greatly written :grinning:


Wow!! Maybe u should be working for IOI :wink: Mission 3 sounds badass :smiling_imp:and I like the Apartment map idea too. Idk how players will react to playing as anyone other than 47 but that would certainly be a surprise and I would love to hear @AGENT4T7 opinion on that :laughing: I certainly hope “Ian” will be able to ride that waterslide maybe have a kill opportunity with it. You should keep the ball rolling I would like to see how your vision for Season 3 plays out :slight_smile:


I haven’t read the story up above yet (I will when I have more time.) but if we’re talking about having another main character other than 47, I say no lol 47 or no Hitman, period :smile:

Although if this is just pure fantasy for story purposes, I’m definitely not against it. As I said, when I have more free time I’ll give it a read :wink:


:joy: No nothing that drastic, he forms a great narrative involving The Shadow client around an episode where you play as him for the level. He fills in a lot of holes about him with his theory too, touching on points we have discussed. Great read :+1:


Interestingly, there’s already a character in the Shadow Client’s militia that fits this description: Noel Crest, or ‘the Accountant’. He is mentioned by a few NPCs in Colorado and Paris.

The leader of these assassins could be Alma Reynard, the girlfriend of Sean Rose and a freelance assassin mentioned in Colorado. I’m sure you already know this as one of the operatives says ‘Berlin with Reynard’ and I assume that’s what you’ve based this on.

Great job, by the way. Really like the idea of the assassination mission (although for the first mission 20 minutes seems like too long; unless you can eliminate the Maelstrom with a sniper before she reaches the boat)


Yeah, that was the original plan, but I changed it because I thought Reynard would be better saved for Season 3 (the ICA vs. the Shadow Client), and I liked the gimmick of the targets being able to look like anyone. I tried to give nearly each level a unique gimmick or two, like the way that Hokkaido limited your loadout and made doors keyed to your clothing. I think IOI will try to do similar things with all future levels.

Right, that’s why I listed five other different triggers that will cause the attack to happen immediately. I wouldn’t really expect anyone to wait out the 20 minutes except maybe on their first exploratory run; the triggers are pretty much mandatory. I really like when the game lets you do something that changes a whole bunch of NPC behavior (like killing Soders in Hokkaido), and the idea of a level with two different “states”, changing all NPC behavior and trespassing zones, fascinated me. That was this level’s gimmick. But there would have to be a lot of different triggers all over the map so that players weren’t always funneled down toward the same trigger. A radio item as a mastery 20 unlock that lets you call in the pirates immediately is maybe not a bad idea (but then, the gimmick is lost if everyone immediately triggers the pirates to attack).


It reminds me of the stealth game Dishonored 2, there’re 2 characters to play, each one has unique power and ability to sneak through and knock out the enemies, which increase the replayability.

Oh wait.

Um… do you think it’s a good idea for IO to do something like this.


I asked Travis how close I came to getting Season 2 correct. His response:

“Incredible effort. I wasn’t going to tell you how close you are, but I have decided to as long as I don’t run out of characters in this twee”

Stupid Twitter.


Location: Arjeplog (Sweden)

Targets: Ernst Rutger and Milana Rutger

Briefing: Every winter the worlds top car makers all make their way to the sleepy little town Arjeplog to winter test their new cars.

Your targets, Ernst and Milana Rutger are the owners of the German car manufacturer Apina who makes luxury cars the ultra rich and famous, they hired a hacker to steal company secrets from their biggest competitor, the Russian car manufacturer Dubei and then had the hacker killed.

The owner of Dubei, Oleg Karpanov wants both Ernst and Milana dead.

They will arrive by private jet to oversee the testing of their latest model, the new 650GT.

Ernst will testdrive the car himself while Milana will enjoy the exotic and luxurious Ice Hotel near the test track.

Dress warm 47, it’s a cold world.


@Travis_IOI you little tease…


Also, sorry I missed out the triggers (I kind of skim read it) :stuck_out_tongue: still, 20 minutes seems like a while; I know lots of players don’t much like triggers so maybe 10 would be better.


I based it on the Paris fashion show concluding. It takes about 25 minutes for the show to come to a natural end. But nothing really hinges on that show coming to an end, so maybe it’s a bad baseline.

I’m not sure players dislike triggers that make sense and that involve an action. I haven’t seen people gripe about having to set off a fire alarm or an explosion to trigger Claus’s evacuation to the garage, for instance, or having to shoot Soders’s body in order to change the paths of the director and the head surgeon. Those kinds of triggers are pretty cool. I think people just don’t like proximity-based triggers, where NPCs will only do something if you get near them. I really wish there were a way to trigger the fashion show to end that wasn’t just “be in the attic.”


I’d like to start some new speculation:

What kind of mission do you guys think that will be the first of season 2?

How would 47 enter the mission. What location? What kind of vibe? What kind of target?

I like to speculate :slight_smile:


I can see a large office/government building in London where 47 has to kill a corrupt politician with ties to the shadow client.


Maybe some flashback mission from asylum?
Judging by that last photo we might see 47’s past explored a little bit more. (but even we get more of that it doesn’t mean it would necessarily have to be first mission)
I dunno,I guess it’s too early to speculate


I think @Quine’s prediction of the Maelstrom seems pretty accurate. Either that, Noel Crest, the Delgado drug cartel or something else.


If IO is cool they let in like the second mission of season 2 a guy from providence give you the briefcase in a cutscene. “Here, this may help you in your next job…” After completing the mission you can use it in all maps. With the WA2000 in it :smile: But only if they are actually gonna work with Providence.

What I think would be the first mission of the second season? I don’t know, but I think the target will be a famous criminal or something. Like a drug lord who handles with the government to smuggles without being arrested or something. The way 47 enters the level is like in Anathema. Crouching from a hidden kind of place. Or stepping out of a car. The vibe may be a mix between Hitman 2 and Contracts.


No idea. I mean there are some targets I want to see as well as some interesting location, but I’ve no idea what will happen next.

But the ICA is now in bed with Providence and there goal is to find and eliminate the Shadow Client. The problem is that nobody knows anything about him. Except for Olivia Hall, a high-ranking member of his militia and supposedly the only person who knows his past.

Assuming that the ICA is aware of this – maybe after examining all the information from the farm house – the next goal would be to track down Ms. Hall to learn more about the Shadow Client. However, instead of killing her 47 has to capture her for interrogation. Not only would it make sense story wise, it would also be something different than usually. Of course, there still would be another target like Crest and/or Reynard that needs to be killed during the mission.

The thing is: I can’t see it happening the first mission. That would be way too early for such a big event. Future more I’ m not sure if they would really make a mission where the goal is to subdue someone instead of killing him. It just doesn’t sound as funny. Especially if the player is the forced to drag her body to one of the mission exits.


We had in Absolution a mission where we had to kidnap the target Lenny Dexter (we can kill him in the following mission after interrogation). It wouldn’t be the first time. I would agree with you but I like to kill the targets


I’m fairly confident we will have a mission going against the cult that we’ve heard mentioned a few times (the church of the asendence? I’ve completly forgotten it’s name.) I’ve got a good feeling about a mission set in the UK (as I’m from London myself, this would be pretty exciting for me, as I think 47 has only been to England once before and that was all the way back in contracts,) where we might encounter the Hammer character we heard about in the bad boy breifing. I reckon that IO are going to set another mission in a small town area (after all the positive feedback they’ve got from Sapienza.) Apart from all that I’m pretty unsure, I’ve heard theories about a prison (which would be one of my dream locations,) a rocket launch (seems pretty unlikely) and some kind of ted talk like tech conference.