Level Ideas for H3 and Future Seasons


That’s quite a coincidence and lends credibility to suggestions that the magazine cover featured above is hinting at future locations.

Also, there is a prison in Hull. Fingers crossed! :smiley:

If they do a level set in a British prison, there should DEFINITELY be an opportunity called ‘Porridge’ where you poison a target’s food. :smiley:


A british prison would be incredible! Combining two of my dream missions (a prison and something set in England.) An opportunity to cause a riot would be fantastic. It could also be a mission with some really inventive ways to exit it, many which could mirror classic prison breaks (e.g. escape in a laundry truck, escape in a tunnel someone has dug, throw a rope over the side of the wall made out of sheets.)


Honestly at this point I don’t think they could pass up a prison mission. There’s so much potential, not to mention it’s been heavily requested. I think @Quine mentioned on the subreddit that there was background dialogue in “The Bad Boy” ET saying the Stoakes fellow from the briefing video is in prison. Potentially he could be a target? This would also support the theory of it being a British prison.


I’m aware of that. So a mission in Reykjavik would make sense. Assuming that 47 actions in Colorado haven’t resulted in a change of plans. But yeah I think it’s a coincidences. Especially since there are nine cities on the cover. I don’t think we’re going to get that many maps in Season 2. Season 1 only had six maps and two of them didn’t even take place in cities.


I disagree, a prison could be a good level. Certain disguises would have huge restrictions (like a prisoners jumpsuit,) while others could have alot more movement (like the head warden.) YOu could have different areas of the prison like the exercise yard, solitary confinement, visitors area (where you could wear your suit,) canteen, death row, cells, guards area etc. Some prisons are huge and have lots of variety so could be fun. Not to mention how intresting escaping the mission would be.


I was going to write the same thing but you beat me to it.:grin:

Besides most parts of the Showstopper map were restricted areas and it’s still one of the best Hitman maps ever made.


Also, it would hardly be a Hitman level without a convoluted network of tunnels beneath the ground. :smiley:


A prison level would not be built in the same way as “The Showstopper”, as that level was always advertised as “Swiss Cheese Design”, where everything was interconnected. You could never do that with a prison level, due to the very nature of the environment, which is controlling and extremely restrictive.

I can’t see it working if you start as a prisoner, but if you were to infiltrate the prison at night with access to the outside boundaries and rooftop, i could maybe see that work.

Also, if we could stop all the childish insults because we disagree with people, that would be great.


yes but hokkaido had so much variety of services it offered that it wasnt drab.

a prison is just a prison. aside from maybe a waiting place, it’s either guards or inmates. and the theme would be very drab


It was extremely interconnected and allowed freedom through the restricted areas. A prison by definition would be restricted and controlling, not interconnected and would not allow much freedom of approaches.

Secondly, i could justify 47 smuggling in a gun and 2 pieces of equipment into a hospital, can’t see that happening if we was a prisoner.

Thirdly, If he was a prisoner, then people would already know who he was, completely disregarding the whole “silent assassin” thing. “Oh look, this prisoner is called Tobias Reaper, and now he’s missing and one of our wardens is dead”.

Lastly, restrictive areas doesn’t correlate to interesting “out of the box” thinking, like some people have suggested. Colorado and Marrakesh has big areas of restriction and both the school, consulate, and most of the outside area of Colorado were very bare in environmental and improvised kills. The same would be applicable to a prison setting.


One could also say Hokkaido was either guests or staff. :wink:

Lots of places used for lots of different things. Not really what I would call drab.


Not against the prison setting☺definitely an interesting idea but my question is why would 47 need to do a hit inside a prison? If it’s to get to a prisoner and he has to be imprisoned to accomplish the task I definitely don’t like that idea story wise even if he let himself get captured, it should never happen imo.
If an organization needed to get to someone inside wouldnt they just hire another prisoner to do the hit? Infiltration into a prison would be extremely difficult as well if he had to take out the Warden or something too.


Maybe because a member from Shadow Client’s militia got caught by the police and is convicted there :smiley:


Kinda sad we have nothing to talk about in this thread about something everyone is so apprehensive about isn’t it? :joy:Maybe we should take this discussion to the proper thread? Was just wondering how suit only and variety in disguises would work also​:confused: we REALLY NEED an update IOI :grin::joy::joy:


I don’t think the concept of a level matters that much, it’s all about final design. A prison, in theory, doesn’t sound much different on paper than a super private, secret Japanese hospital. Look at Colorado, it looks very restrictive because of all of the enforcers and the flat space, but you can move still anywhere in your suit because of the design. I just don’t want another Bangkok, where there’s an entire section of the map with only one real entrance via suit.


I really like the idea of a prison. The thought of trying to get to a hard to reach target: a kind of king pin, who is serving time would make for some really interesting opportunities. You could imagine him thinking himself safe and untouchable on the inside, surrounded and protected by his goons and guards he has working for him. He would never consider the possibility of a professional assassin with 47’s skills coming for him. There are so many areas that could be used: cells, recreation rooms, dining room, kitchen, laundry, chapel, hospital, workshops, outside yards, office/administration area, visitor’s area, guard’s areas, solitary confinement, car park, sewers. I don’t think the game has the mechanics for crawling through vents, but maybe with season 2… ?


I’d LOVE to see a prision level where you start with no gear as an inmate. Maybe already in the center of a riot? And, besides the ICA drop, someone is your contact inside the prison and you have to find him to get your full gear.


Hopefully a better looking one that the one in Marrakesh. If it’s just a bunch of bored looking prisoners standing two feet away from a bunch of bored looking cops, I would be severally disappointed. And that comes from a guy who considers Marrakesh to be his favorite HITMAN map.

“Say it with me: Cops are Hogs! Cops are Hogs!”:wink:


I really liked Marrakech. But the riot was a wasted opportunity. Imagine people going wild and entering the consulate, and 47 being able to just walk through that mess.


A way to set off the crowd would have been great! I personally dislike Marrakesh, I feel there is too much empty space between the consulate and the school; plus, the school was very restrictive. Love the atmosphere though - A House Built on Sand is one of my favourites.

With certain locations being mentioned repeatedly (Reykjavik, Mexico City) I’m considering them shoe-ins for Season 2. Personally, I’m hoping for a level involving the Cult of the Ascendants. With multiple seasons being IO / Square Enix’s plan from the beginning, I’m hoping for a reveal or some mention at E3.