Level Ideas for H3 and Future Seasons


I dont understand how a prison would work. It is indeed not the best idea.

2 costumes: guard prisoner or …WAIT FOR IT… PRISONER!


Or chief of police or hospital staff (like doctors) or pyschiatric ward staff and prisoners there that are mentally unstable or someone working in kitchen or some visitor (like lawyer) or head warden or someone from prison that’s from a gang that’s a little bit more VIP than other prisoners and that has some special benefits…


To add to @AGENT_58’s suggestions, you could have… visitor (suit), hospital (doctor), chapel (priest) - who can wander around to visit prisoners, kitchens (chef / kitchen assistant), sewers (plumber), admin area (warden, suit [but with more enforcers around], janitor), then there are general prisoner outfits, high-risk prisoner outfits, normal prison guards, riot guards (like spec ops in Colorado), and so on.


Great ideas, BUT since this is a prison , how does 47 can actually get those costumes? There is guardians pretty much everywhere.


I think there can always be ways to make those disguises reachable.
Like IO says-swiss cheese design.
Prison level doesn’t need to be as realistic as real prison,there can be some areas that are less restricted than others to offer better gameplay opportunities


This is a stealth game we’re talking about…


I’m referring to the one in the briefing video. It’s clearly a drawn piece concept art, and there are a lot of details about this Hammer guy as well. Too many to just be a little side note in a briefing.

Yeah, only time will tell. The concept art just felt a little out of the ordinary for an ET briefing.


Prisoner and Elite Prisoner


True, but though it’s still a game, I can almost guarantee that people would complain about it being “unrealistic” or “Immersion breaking” if that were to be the case.

Personally, I don’t think a prison level would be wise, that’s just me. Besides, we already had a prison level in Absolution and look how that turned out lol

I wouldn’t mind a cruise ship level though. ‘Death on the Mississippi’ was a pretty decent level in BM. But that was just a river boat. Now if it were a cruise ship, I could think of a ton of opportunities that could make that level fun.

Imagine being on a huge cruise ship with a theater, pool area, you could throw people overboard obviously lol disguise as a chef or waiter/poison food. Have a gym and spa area, Possibilities are endless.


Remind me of the White House mission from Blood Money. Black museum staff members go to the toilet; bald dude with barcode tattoo follows him, white museum staff member who looks suspiciously like the bald dude with the barcode tattoo leaves and enters restricted area. :grin:

A 100% realistic Hitman game wouldn’t work. Most people are okay with infiltrating restricted areas not being as hard as it would be in real life.

Yes the prison level in Absolution was pretty bad. But that’s not because it was a prison, it was because Absolution split almost every single into several smaller linear parts where you only had to reach the next checkpoint.:expressionless: Just imagine how awesome it would’ve been if the Court House, the Jail and the Sheriff’s office would’ve been on the same map with Skurky and another target walking around and plenty of different ways to kill them.

A cruise ship would be a neat mission. Would love to see one in this game.


A prison labor camp would be a better level than a prison, I think. They contain quarries, factories, farms, little outdoor huts as living quarters, etc… they’re essentially small village on total lockdown. Seems perfect for a Hitman level and gets around a lot of the worries… you’d get a prison that is structured more like Sapienza than Bangkok. Here’s a link to the labor camp level I wrote up a while back.

I really don’t like the idea of 47 getting intentionally captured and then having to break out. That is such an awful cliche. There was one summer where three of the blockbuster movies featured major villains who did this as part of their plan (Avengers, Skyfall, and something else I forget). And then soon after a bunch of games came out that had you intentionally getting captured then breaking out. I rolled my eyes at Watch_Dogs hard when that game made you do it. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with the idea, but at this point it’s so incredibly unimaginative and hackneyed that I’ll be disappointed if IOI goes that route.

Still, I can understand the appeal. Anyone know the story arc in Daredevil comics called The Devil in Cell-Block D, written by Ed Brubaker? It’s great; you should seek it out if you like comics. Matt Murdock and the Kingpin are both locked up in the same prison, so Bullseye and the Punisher intentionally get themselves captured so they can be a part of the mess, and you’ve got a superhero comic that plays out entirely in a prison. It’s excellent.


IMO I think a prison level would just be another Colorado. It would be too restrictive to be good, and it’s not really interesting imo.

Maybe they can do it right, but I prefer more open public levels. I don’t think a prison has that.


It turned out horribly because Absolution had a bad habit of giving a lot of smaller half arsed linear levels instead of bigger sandboxes.It turned out horribly because Absolution had some bad mechanics itself.

Not to mention that was barely a prison level because of how small it was.
I think many people are thinking of something a lot bigger,something comparable to size of Showstopper for example


Sure, I understand that. I don’t mind if we get one, I’m just saying I wouldn’t prefer it. But if they could make it work really well and it fits into the future story, then sure. I personally would just like to see a cruise ship level, over a prison level.

I just think with a cruise ship, there would be a ton more opportunities and potential kills, rather than compared to a prison level. Not to mention it would have more of a “Hitman-like” feel (IMO)


I would like to imagine that instead of 47 committing a crime and letting himself get capture, the ICA would give him a fake identity as Tobias Reaper a violent bank robbery and arrange for him to be “transferred” to the prison with the “targets”.


IOI likes slightly commenting on things that are in the news (e.g. Marrakesh and Arab Spring), so I could imagine them making a private for-proft prison based in America. The structure and the dialogue between guards would be different and more interesting than your standard video game prison level, and they’d be more suited to the Hitman credo of letting you trespass in and explore new places that you’re curious about. Your standard prison has been in all sorts of movies and video games, so I’m not interested in them, but I am deathly curious about what the insides of for-proft prisons are like and what the guards and higher-ups talk about.


That’s another thing…

They seriously have got to STOP giving 47 the same alias all the time. Not very wise that everytime a “Tobias Reaper” shows up, somebody gets murdered…

Seriously, change it up IO, please.

Remember all the ones he went through in the past?

  • Lord Sinclair
  • Jacob Leiter
  • Dr. Cropes

Just to name a few.
I’m not saying reuse those because again, that wouldn’t be wise. But come on, use new alias’ for 47.

We get it “Tobias Reaper” was a nice nod to the fans and I for one appreciated it. But once it was reused again in Hokkaido… seriously?? You don’t think Soders would have known “Tobias Reaper” was 47 after working with the ICA all those years? Come on…

Change it up!!


I was thinkig about the end of Season 1. Constant shows Diana a picture of young 47. Even Shadow Client talks about it. What about mission in the past of him, as flashbacks? In the Asyum when he learned to fight. Target could be a clone, a nurse(in the books I think he kills a clone called Number 6 and a nursetrying to rebel), or one of the mad patients. I think Diana will want to know about 47’s past before arriving in the Agency.


It’s certainly… interesting.


Surely this should be in the “make your own level” thread?