Level Ideas for H3 and Future Seasons


There’s a make your own level thread?


There isn’t, though on second thought there probably should be.


My mistake, I was under the impression that there was one.


I’d have a level to link to the story, Having the maps being a ridiculous setting is for me pretty immersion breaking.

I’d say with the direction the story is going, I’d love to go back to Romania to the asylum. It looks like Season 2 will be about 47’s past and how the shadow client (or whatever you call the ‘villain’ of the story, haven’t been here in a while) and providence knows about 47.

Another idea would be London to find that girl in the cutscene after Colorado. Maybe add some extra targets to make it more fun. Just the hustle and bustle of London with moving traffic you can use for accidents.


When’s the third instalment coming up?


Third installment is ‘Survival is not Sacred’, and it’s already up. ‘Stalemate’ is coming soon.


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The girl is Olivia Hall, the black-hat hacker employed by the Shadow Client.

  1. Why would Hamada go to the ICA instead of going to the police after some guy failed to kill her?
  2. How is he more than capable in combat if he couldn’t kill a housewife?
  3. Why would he demand payment for not doing the one thing he was being paid to do?

Just a few logical discrepancies.


But surely they’d be able to find Katsuyoshi, and arrest him.

Also, why would you hire a terrorist for an assassination in a world where the ICA exists?

  1. If someone fails to blow someone up, the police don’t just give up when they can’t find him for a bit.
  2. How did a simple bombing go wrong?
  3. Yes, but there is a thick line between a surgeon, whom operates under governmental laws, and a deranged terrorist trying to blow someone up. A surgeon always has a chance of their patient dying, but they don’t expect it to happen. I’m pretty sure you expect someone to die from a terrorist bombing.


I was thinking a South American jungle level would be pretty cool, where you have to kill a drug lord and corrupt reporter. There could be a walled-in compound, a tree-top vantage for sniping, a runway, and guard towers.

Also, to kill Olivia Hall, you would have to infiltrate an underground nightclub she is hiding out in, perhaps in Canada.


I really like to see how hitman need to enter to sniper point in time at hight securty bulding and then to whait to the target to get uot of the car. he must o use the window time to elimante the target and run awawy from there


There’s no way that people haven’t already come up with all of the ideas but here we go anyway!

  • A construction site: so many opportunities for accident kills from a cement accident to a wrecking ball to a simple old fashioned fall off the the top of the unfinished building.
  • Office Building: I’d love to see some more verticality in the new game which would make this mission feel unique. 5-6 floors of an office building to explore. I would likely place the default start in the lobby and from there the elevator takes you up to any one of the top 5 floors or something. Lots of cubicles, the board room, meeting rooms, bathrooms, closets, open windows and ledges overlooking the facade of the skyscraper in the middle of a city, etc.
  • Suburban Neighborhood/Gated Community: Picture A New Life. Now imagine you could enter and explore every house on the street. Now imagine that instead of being empty, wasted space, each house had its own connected people associated with it. That jogger? He pauses every now and then to return home and stuff his face with a slice of cake or something, feels guilty, starts his jog again. The girl trimming the hedges? She goes back in and watches some shopping channel for awhile and ends up buying a bunch of stuff she’ll never use. Now imagine there were multiple streets with houses like these and all of the opportunities – pizza delivery disguise, a bunch of accidents in every home waiting to happen specifically made for Contracts mode, and then the target visits another home or two so that way he’s not just in the one house at all times. I don’t want a remade A New Life, the idea is that it would just feel very similar in tone and feel.
  • Monastery: The Hitman subreddit just had a similar post about levels and another user and I discussed a level set in an old monastery where we combined two ideas – their idea of a monastery location and my desire to have one of those creepy, unsettling type levels similar to Meat King’s Party or A Dance with the Devil or Beldingford Manor. The idea was an old monastery full of old secret passageways and a dark, moody atmosphere. Why are you there? A cult has recently made it their own. Said cult is there tonight for a party full of debauchery because they’re also playing the lottery – one person is chosen and sacrificed to god. Everyone knows it could be anyone and that it’ll be by god’s hand that they’re chosen through the lottery system. Hence the party because no one knows if it’ll be their last night. Coincidentally, the cult leader has never been chosen despite having his name put in. In reality, he obviously thinks it’s all bullshit and so makes sure his name is never actually put in – he just gets his rocks off by doing ‘sacrifices’. But his followers? They believe in it. There’s one way to kill the target – make sure to get his name put into lottery and disguise yourself as the person who pulls the name out so you can call his name and show everyone you do, in fact, have the name. Then the believers will drag him to the sacrificial slab and kill him for you. What would be really neat is if the game simply takes into account who the target is so when you interact with the lottery system to put the targets name in, you’ll actually put in the name of whoever is the target even in Contracts mode. Only difference is that presumably 47 wouldn’t call the name unless it’s the main target. The concept of the sacrifice rm would be a bit reminiscent of Beldingford Manor and their human hunt, but gross ritualistic murder might be a bit reminiscent of the murdered woman found in Meat King’s Party, and since it’s a party and a cult maybe most people are wearing strange masks similar to A Dance with the Devil. Plus let us find an old monk outfit to wear to complete set of “Mad Monk” challenges haha.
  • Theme Park: poisonous food carts and food court, murderous mascots, sabotaged rides, plenty of bathrooms, and grand juxtaposition between murder and happy location. Why are there no kids around? Who knows, who cares, don’t think about it haha.
  • University Campus: Oh come on. Imagine knocking out some frat in a toga so we can see 47 in a toga and poison the beer keg. A library, a science lab, a toga party at a frat house, the dorms, the dean’s office, classrooms!
  • Airport: Would be a fun location full of security and opportunities. Disguise yourself as TSA to stop the target and bring him to a secluded spot. Once he’s pass security though, that opportunity is done and now you have to either get him while he waits to board his plane or on the plane itself.
  • Casino Hotel: Yes, there’s already a hotel level but it doesn’t feel the same as the hotel from Traditions of the Trade or a House of Cards. Give us a taller building with similar verticality as the office building idea even if the general area of each floor is smaller than that of other levels. The size would come from said verticality.
  • Shopping Mall: 2-3 levels of different stores to explore such as a nice fancy store with nice and expensive suits or a Hot Topic-esque store all with various outfits/disguises to wear, mall security, alarms trip if you take a for sale object from a store unless you have a device that disables the item from registering on the detector, etc.
  • Modern Mansion: You know Tony Stark’s house in the MCU? That’s a real building. Uh, basically that. A giant mansion with ultra modern aesthetics. Think Hokkaido aesthetics but with a more personal feeling and less like hospital-sterile chic. Alternatively, it could be some sort of really nice resort or really, anything including a super fancy yacht. The modern aesthetic would be great.


Especially an airport and a mall would be really interesting to see in Season 2, but a campus would be little bit inappropriate.


Why? Because of school shootings? Sure. It is inappropriate but so would be an airport because of terror attacks. So is attacking a consulate or the White House in which we were literally assigned to kill a head of state of the United States. The game allows you to shoot up entire areas in a mass shooting-like situation in a lot of areas that are wildly inappropriate. If it’s triggering for some, which would be understandable, they don’t have to play it… really, any of these levels could be triggering because of their realistic locales and the ability to kill innocent civilians without penalty unlike Splinter Cell or something which ends the mission after one or two civilian deaths. But that’s just my opinion. I feel like there are so many interesting locations to use for that setting.


Ok, put some thought into it, and for this I’m gonna try picturing it as if it were 6 more episodes to limit myself.

  1. Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala: Holy Week Procession. The only problem I can see coming out of this is the issue of it being during a religious holiday and some people losing it over it but… go look it up. I can personally imagine a fair amount of fun possibilities in such an environment.

  2. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany. 47 can already do all sorts of things, I can totally see him giving his target a guided tour of the place before showing him the great views from there, and showing him how to see them up close.

  3. Château Frontenac in Quebec City, Canada. Because hotels are kind of a tradition for 47’s trade, y’know.

  4. Around Bo-Kaap in Cape Town, South Africa. The sort of picturesque place that fits 47’s globetrotting adventures., I think there’s some interesting potential there.

  5. The Philadelphia Zoo. Ok, ok, hear me out here. Have you ever thought of the possibilities in such a location? I’d say a zoo in general, but I’m also thinking of “obligatory US level” and so Philly came to mind. And a zoo? That’s just a recipe for chaos and potential accidents to take out the target depending on what you do. Now you can no longer say The Jungle God is the only level in which you can have a jaguar eat someone, and it can totally be a target in this case!

  6. A research station in Antartica. Something along the lines of the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station.I dunno, it’s just a cool concept and I’d like to see how they’d roll with it. They could even Bjarkov Bomb it a little to add some more intensity.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve in mind right now.


1.about the weapons it will be fun if more kind of explosives bombs will be accesd .
2.story mission : 47 there is a new terror organizashion who want to be role on the most deadly weapon . you must go inside the terror ou’ with 47 name
47 must torn off the comunicasion with dianna.and replace it with another woman from the ou’.
47 enter inside and make the terror mossion to get close to the most want man in plant.until is get himself to the second man wanted.
but he must elmiant the woman comuincation .he can hrealise her to free.
and he must elimante the sintice who want to get help to the terror ou’.


GNN (Global News Network aka the guys who interviewed Strandberg) main studio somewhere in the USA. The client is a father of the boy GNN publicly doxxed for making memes about them. The targets are the head of the company, their biggest financial backer and news anchor.

The targets are members of Providence, of course. Many floors, elevators, private areas for shady dealings and yada-yada. Somewhere on the map there is an on-going conference/meeting.

P.S. For people who don’t get where I took this idea from - search “CNN Blackmail”. It’s all over the internet now.


Hitman 2016 is great slice of modern life and current events - they clearly have taken influence from it. Strandberg taking refuge in consulate is a polarized Assange situation, Colorado militia is as well inspired by paramilitary survivalist/sectarian compounds, political populist with sinister plans, etc.

So that will be a good way to combine the real life and the fiction in a way that will benefit the narrative. Fighting Providence is surely one of the main ideas for S2/S3 so giant news networks controlled by them provide a great opportunity for 47 to do what he does best - assassinate people.